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A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Once again it is time to clean out the folder of half baked blog ideas and other things on my mind that don't deserve a full column.

The winner for most screwed up sports franchise in America is once again your Chicago Bears. Just like the Democratic Party, this family could botch a one car parade. Virginia McCaskey keeps putting her kids in charge and they keep proving how much they don't know about running a business.

Throw in a numbers guy who knows nothing about football, in Ted Phillips as president, and add Ryan Pace, who is the most invisible GM in sports history, and you have the perfect recipe for the clusterfuck that we'll call Thanksgiving Week 2021.

The organization is a mess. The football team is a mess. The people covering the team are so confused by what they are doing that they can't get their stories correct. The fans are so demoralized that they are dressing up as empty seats at Soldier Field. They are now a national joke.

Dear Virginia, please either sell the team to someone with a clue, or fire everyone from your son down to the ball boy and truly start all over again. We just can't take another year of this insanity.

Speaking of insanity, the Trumplican Party continues to to occupy Earth 2 where anything Donald Trump says is true, and everything the Democrats do is a conspiracy. This week on Earth 2, another former reality TV star, who became a congressman from Wisconsin, and now is a contributing guest on Fox News, said, with great conviction, that the 760,000 Americans that died from Covid was fake, and a plot by the Democrats to steal the election from Trump.

Well of course it was, I can't believe he figured it out. The Democrats are well known for killing off three quarters of a million Americans in order to gain power. The fact that the Trumplican Party continues to deny reality on this issue, continues to fight vaccines, and thinks it will all go away in the winter, seems much more sane.

Nothing says the holidays like gangs having smash and grab parties in expensive stores, people shooting each other over presents in malls, and crazy people driving into parades killing marchers. A Merry Christmas indeed.

The nut in Wisconsin that drove into a parade of grandmothers and children, was out on bail for driving over his ex two weeks earlier. In the state known for its bad driving, apparently trying to run down your ex is not a reason to stay in jail. The judge must have chuckled, "you crazy love struck kids", and let him go out and kill five people two weeks later. Oh, yeah, after he assaulted his ex with a knife first. This is another in a long list of reasons why Wisconsin continues to be a third world state.

You knew they were coming, even before the sun was up on Friday, and thankfully you gun lovers out there did not disappoint. At least two instances of shoppers shooting each other, or guns going off randomly, as people scrambled to get the latest toy their kids do not need. Really, if you are not willing to shoot someone in order to get your kids the toy they want then what kind of parent are you?

I long for the good old days when people simply bashed each other over the head with brooms, or shoved each other down escalators, you know those simpler times when we showed the love and Christianity of the holiday season.

Finally, for a growing holiday season tradition, we move on to the newest group event of smash and grab. This is a fun game where 25 cars screech up to an expensive store, 30 teenagers get out of the cars, and run into the store, smashing displays and grabbing as much merchandise as they can carry, and then run back into their cars and drive away. Good times.

If you can't afford that Gucci bag, just go steal it with 40 of your closest friends. How dare they make it too expensive for you to buy, and you are certainly not going to go get a job and save your money for one. As if. Another disgusting example of the entitled generation that we call our kids.

Finally, for those of you asking where have I been and how is Linda doing, here are your updates.

Linda continues to improve at breakneck speed. She is walking more and more without her walker, and will get her first chance to prove she can drive this afternoon as we take her out on a test drive. I have notified the HOA that she will be loose on the streets at halftime of the NU/Illinois game so keep everyone in the house.

I have been busy doing everything for everybody in my world. Throw in birthdays, Thanksgiving, and getting Christmas decorations out and up, and you now know how I've been filling my days.

I am making progress on my book as I continue to clean up my ideas and outline. I am hoping to have things in place by Christmas so I can go over it with my editor, my brother, and then get started after the first of the year.

I don't want to share with you, yet, what it will be about, as it continues to evolve as I create the outline. I will just say the it will involve my life from birth, to the end of college, and it will focus on friendships made and the effect they had on my life. Some of you can expect to get your release forms in the coming weeks.

As always, thanks for letting me clean out my folder. Stay safe.

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