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A Shocking Implosion

As a lifelong Independent in the world of politics, I find it shocking to see what is happening to the Republican party right now. One thing you could always count on from the GOP was that they would be unified in whatever they were doing, especially when you compared them to the Democratic party that traditionally was all over the map on issues.

So, as the current soap opera is getting played out in the national media, the party is digging in its heels with two factions vying for control, the traditional conservative wing, and the not traditional Trump wing. Both want to lead the party, with completely different agendas and goals.

Like he has with everything he ever touches, the king of crazy, Donald Trump, is a one man party wrecking machine. For some unknown reason he still thinks he is the President and that he actually won this past election. Even nuttier, is that there is a growing number of Trump Republicans that agree with this goofball and continue to fawn all over him. I get that he is mentally unstable, and mostly stupid, but how do otherwise, reasonably intelligent adults continue to blindly accept whatever he says as fact? Mind blowing,

The stench emanating from anything to do with this moron is now all over the Republican Party. They are proudly proclaiming their white nationalist agenda as they make it harder for people of color, and poor people, to vote going forward, and at the same time beating down anyone within the party that doesn't throw themselves at the feet of the former idiot in chief.

Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger, have become the voices for the anti Trump faction of the party. Both Cheney and Romney are lifelong, true blue, dedicated conservatives. Both have been censured by their state parties for voting to impeach Trump and for telling the truth. Kinzinger is a fresh faced, Illinois conservative, which seems an oxymoron if there ever was one, who has steadfastly defended those that dare to face down Trump.

There are others, but they have gone underground as the Trump mob relentlessly works to destroy anyone who dares to defy the dear leader. The fact that these three have continued to push back on the lies, and falsehoods, being continuously spewed from the mini mind of the former president, shows me what resolve, and guts, they have to be willing to take the crap they have taken.

Stuck in the middle are twiddle dee and twiddle dumb, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell. McCarthy is so desperate to be President, that he is willing to sell his soul to Trump, and in the process destroy the traditional Republican Party. McConnell has no soul, but his main job is to make sure that no Democratic agenda item ever passes into law. If the Trump faction happens to be on board, great, if not, he doesn't care as long as he is successful in blocking all bills.

This is what the GOP has now become. They are no longer a party of ideals. They are no longer a party of fiscal and social conservatism. They are no longer a party that you can count on to stay focused and work together to stop the spread of anyone who isn't white and rich from enjoying the good life.

Today, as it has been for the past five years, you are either with Trump, or against him. If you are against him, his minions will come after you like piranha's, tearing away at you until you bleed to death, politically. If you are for him, you get absolutely nothing in return except his not putting someone against you in the primary.

Watching a once proud party destroy itself all in the name of an egomaniacal, idiotic, lying, clown just blows my mind. Even worse, is seeing the slow destruction of America, and democracy, as the Trump faction fights to rid the country of anything to do with the constitution, and the traditional American way.

As an Independent, I find it amusing to watch, but scary to think about the consequences if the Trumpers end up winning this fight. As always, watch what they do, not what they say. If you are a traditional Republican you better get off your butt and start to push back or you will not have a party to support in two to four years.

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