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A Voting Free For All

I will be getting deeper into what is at stake in the 2022 mid-term vote in the coming days but I wanted to address something I've been thinking about for a few days now. The issue is can we even hold an election without the country melting down?

I'm not going to get into the politics of any of this, it is way too complicated for this short thought today. I will have plenty to say coming up so stay tuned.

Nearly every story you read, and almost every news program you watch, is filled with pictures or stories of angry people shouting at each other and/or threatening each other over whatever their causes are that have them so worked up.

There is also story after story of how candidate "A" is trying to get the Asian, black, or white voters to vote for him/her, or candidate "B" is courting the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim vote in hopes of pulling ahead. Here is my question, why aren't any of the people running for office trying to get the vote of Americans?

Shouldn't we be looking at this whole representation thing through the lens of what is best for America? Not just my America or your America but our America.

And that is where the problem lies. We have lost sight of what our America is today.

I have friends that are strongly conservative and generally pro Republican or at least pro Trumplican. I also have friends that are strongly liberal and wish there were more liberal candidates. While I may violently disagree with them on any number of issues I do believe that we need to respect their feelings and hopes for the America of their dreams.

The problem is that neither side wants to give in on anything and so the polarization, fueled by radicals on both sides, feeds the flames of unhappiness and discontent. I am getting exhausted after fourteen years of this fighting between both sides. Enough is enough already.

Nobody is going to get 100% of what they want, ever, so stop trying. Think in terms of how can we really make this country better and start forcing those running for office to get on board with that plan. You have to stop thinking that your position on abortion is the answer to solving the problems of the country, or that whether or not someone is transgender is going to shake this country to its foundation, or that a temporary uptick in the cost of gasoline proves that one party has no clue how to govern.

None of these things is important enough to tear this country apart. They are just minor things in the game of life. Keeping people from voting, not allowing certain books in schools, or continuing to lie about past election results, these are the things we cannot allow to continue. These are the important issues for keeping our republic going.

You can never be wrong if you tell the truth, no matter how much you may not like it.

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