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America Has Lost Its Mind

Updated: Mar 17, 2020


I apologize for the misinformation regarding transmission to pets, I read the story wrong. While you can transmit the virus to your pets, and they may test positive, they will not get any of the symptoms nor will they pass any along to anyone else. I'm sorry for the error.

As the federal government, especially the White House, tries to figure out what to do to stem the tide of the coronavirus spreading, it has left a leadership vacuum in this country, which in turn has led Americans to listen to those that know best, social media postings.

As we all know if its on the internet, and especially Twitter and Facebook, it must be true. Why would people put things that aren't founded in facts out there?

Others in the know have also stepped up to fill the leadership void, by doing the responsible things, like cancelling most all sporting events. The exception to this is the UFC which has agreed to keep gathering people in small enclosed spaces, thereby guaranteeing the spread of the virus, because the idiot in chief of the USA asked him to keep it going. It seems it is his third favorite sport, right behind denigrating women and people with handicaps.

The problem with nobody in charge, is that everybody becomes in charge, and we end up with pictures like this.

Stores with aisles of empty shelves of paper towels, cleaning solutions, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper. I know I'm not the smartest guy on the planet, but how is hoarding toilet paper going to save you from this virus? The symptoms are simple. Fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Nowhere is diarrhea mentioned so why hoard toilet paper?

I actually saw video, on the news, of two women punching each other in the face, in a store, over two rolls of paper towels. It was like Christmas broke out in March and they both wanted the last Elsa doll at Toys 'R Us.

Tennessee goofball, Matt Covin, (pictured above) went out of his way to purchase every last bottle of hand sanitizer he could find in Tennessee and Kentucky, accumulating 17,000 bottles, which he was going to sell on Amazon, at a very large profit, until the AG of Tennessee suggested that he might go to jail for that, so he was embarrassed into donating them to charity instead. America, land of free enterprise.

As I wrote the other day, this is going to get worse before it gets better, no matter how many times the president says everything is just fine. Scientists say that one person being infected will lead to, potentially, six others getting infected, and then those six will infect six others each, and so on and so on, until you have hundreds of thousands infected.

The single biggest factor that is keeping the numbers down right now, is the fact that nobody can get tested, because there are not any tests available, again, no matter how many times the president says there are plenty. Every state, every doctor, every hospital has said they have no tests, or not nearly enough tests, as needed.

Once testing kits reach hot spots, nursing homes, and other high probability locations, the numbers are going to go way up, very fast. The governor of Ohio has already said that while they show about 37 people infected and 360+ under watch, the actual number is closer to 100,000, but they can't confirm because they don't have enough kits to test all they want to test.

The good news is, despite the federal government completely messing this up, state and local leaders have taken it upon themselves to try to keep things under semi control by limiting gatherings, keeping the elderly at home where possible, closing public places like bars and restaurants, and asking people to stay at home unless they absolutely need to go out.

The CDC just said, yesterday, that they recommend there be no large gatherings for at least eight more weeks, to limit the spread of this virus. That means nothing will change for a while regarding entertainment for us in the form of sports or socializing. That stings, but we will survive this too.

Please listen to the experts, not the people on the task force who are doing all they can to make the nut in charge look like he is a genius. Limit touching your pets, too, because they can catch this virus and have even less resistance than us to it. Be responsible. If you don't feel good STAY HOME. Cover your mouth when you cough, wash your hands with soap and water, don't touch your eyes, mouth, or face, and don't shake hands with anyone.

Meanwhile, Linda and I are going to be good neighbors and limit our toilet paper purchases to just one at a time.

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