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An Idiot In Charge

The Idiot in Chief, occupying the people's house currently, may be the dumbest man to ever hold that office. For sure he is the biggest liar to do so, and he may be the first Russian asset too. If only the Attorney General would stop acting like his personal lawyer, and start being the AG for the rest of the country, we might actually get to the truth. For sure the next President will discover all the shit he has been up to, and I hope he shares it on national TV for us all to see.

Lest you think I hate Republicans, or that I am a bleeding heart liberal Democrat, you should know, and if you know me, you already do, that I also thought Bill Clinton was a clown and Barack Obama was a weak leader. I was not a fan of George Bush the junior either. I have learned not to expect very much from our Presidents. As a long time friend remarked recently, "who the hell would want the job?", so the quality of the people who aspire to that office are usually not the best and the brightest.

I do expect some basic things from them, and I don't think it is unreasonable. Be loyal to our country, support our troops and don't put them in harm's way unnecessarily, make sure we are safe, don't lie to us, and don't use the office for personal gains. The current clown has done none of these things. Ever. Not once. He does not deserve the title, so I never refer to him as that position, and, I never mention his name, because he is beyond my contemp, and I don't want to feed his enormous ego any more than it already is.

There are plenty of fine and respectable news shows, books, and articles about all the crap he has done in nearly four years, and all you have to do is Google them to see for yourselves, so I am not going to recite all of them here. I am going to point out some of the most insane shit he has said, and done, to show anyone who still thinks he should get four more years, that they need to rethink their choice.

Let's go to the medical front first. He has done everything he can to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, commonly called ObamaCare, while saying he is the biggest defender of healthcare for everyone, and especially pre-existing conditions, which he is currently in front of the Supreme Court trying to eliminate. He has no plan to replace the health care for millions of Americans that he is actively trying to take away. Why is he trying to eliminate this? Because he hates Barack Obama so much, that he has eliminated everything he passed while president. Screw the American public, he wants his revenge.

As if that isn't bad enough, and it is, he has single handedly killed over 180,000 of our family and friends by his complete lack of understanding of the Covid-19 virus. Literally, everything he has done has been the absolute wrong thing to do and now his position is, "it is what it is."

Some facts. Testing for this does not cause more cases, it reveals where the cases are, and a responsible person would have the medical community isolate those people who are positive, and trace who they were in contact with, and have them tested. But not this dope. Instead he made it impossible for states and counties to get testing equipment and stole, when he could, any PPE's that came into the country so that his number two idiot, Jared Kushner, could sell them to a third a party for a huge profit for the family. Putting the front line medical people at risk and further causing issues that might have slowed the spread.

The ignorance and brazenness of all this is so stunning that nobody can believe they actually had the gonads to do it, but they did. He has every single death on his hands and we need to remind everyone every day about how many are still dying. Their new strategy is to let it run its course, claiming that a herd immunity will stop it.

For another fact, in order for that to happen, at least 65% of America needs to be infected. If our current rate continues, with 1% of those infected dying, that would mean, before it is under control, 2.13 million Americans will need to die first. Who thinks this is a good plan, and if you do then please volunteer your family to get infected first. Or have them drink some drain cleaner and bleach like he has suggested.

Let's move on to voting and the upcoming election. The man who would be king continues to make false claims about the safety of voting by mail. The facts are that 34 states, and the district of Columbia, have used voting by mail for years with zero problems. In fact he and his merry men and women vote by mail themselves, so why is it OK for them, but not for everyone else? Well, because he knows that the more people who vote the worse his chances of getting re-elected are and he wants to make sure he wins.

Yesterday he told his supporters that they should get a mail in ballot, fill it out and send it in, and then go vote in person to see if they will let them vote again. Not only is it a felony to try to vote twice, but it is a felony to suggest that anyone try it. Hello William Barr, where are you? I remember Richard Daley telling Chicagoans to vote early and vote often, and it was illegal then too.

This will not be a rigged election any more than any other election was rigged including his improbable win four years ago. When he loses, and he will, if he refuses to leave on January 20th, I assure you the Secret Service, and the military, will drag his sorry ass out the front door and wish him good riddance.

How about another favorite topic of his, fake news. This seems pretty obvious yet his followers, and you know who you are, believe him every time he claims another story about his wrong doing, or stupidity, is fake news. When you see him on live TV, and he says, "we've built nearly 300 miles of wall on our southern border", and the facts are that he's built only about 3 miles of wall, and it has been proven, then that is not fake news to report the facts.

Fake news is what he said. Fake news is Sean Hannity regurgitating the same shit on his show, as it is when Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson do the same on their shows. That is fake news. In fact it is not even news, it is opinion, and many of you need to learn the difference between news and opinion. Please do yourself a favor and stop watching Fox News and spend some quality time reading actual accounts of events from reporters on the scene. If you don't believe a news story, with facts and video, then there is other issues with you and you may need some professional help.

This would be a good time to address his compulsion with lying. Since he was inaugurated he has lied to the American people 19,127 times according to multiple fact checking organizations. Clearly he has a mental condition. If you believe anything that comes out of his mouth, then I'm sorry, but you are just as nuts as he is. Also, Antifa is not an organization, it is a movement that is dedicated to fighting fascism, thus the far right has notated them as Antifa, or anti-fascists. There are not planeloads of them clad in black war uniforms flying around the country starting riots. Please learn the facts here.

I know this is getting long but I'm almost finished, another two minutes of reading.

A couple of quick notes on the economy. The new tax relief he wants to pass for business, will destroy and eliminate social security completely. This tax is what funds it, and the elimination of the tax would make social security insolvent in less than one year. This would be another thing he will have taken away from Americans, while he gives his friends, and donors even more tax relief. The massive tax cut he and Mitch McConnell rammed through in his first year that was going to help everyone, actually caused 99% of us to pay higher taxes while the 1% paid less.

He doesn't care about us, only lining his pockets, and saving his business money. The sooner you understand this the better off you will be. He is the only president to continue to knowingly send public money to his business, in record numbers, while in office.

Look, this goof is the most dangerous and stupid person to ever hold this office. If you think he cares about you, then you are sadly mistaken, because he does not care if you live or die. He only cares about himself, period. He is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than he is to the United States of America. He has done more to hurt our world standing than any person who has ever lived. He is a nut. He is an asshole. He is a lying piece of shit. And those are his good points.

If you vote for this Russian asset to hold this job for four more years, then you will be responsible for the complete destruction of our country, and the destruction of democracy for ever.

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