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Arizona Off To An Early Lead

I wanted to write this for about five months now but decided to hold off until the past election cycle to see where things ended up. While the contest has been close between Texas, Florida, and Arizona for which state has the most crazy people per square office holder, it looks like Arizona is going to take the early lead. Don't give up Texas and Florida, you are not that far behind.

The good news is that all of the top office races were won by normal people, most of them Democrats. The bad news is that the losers are still trying to get the results overturned even though they have lost multiple court cases. Apparently this is the new pastime for the GOP across the country, sue for something you've already been told you lost.

The other bad news for Arizonians, who are not drinking the Republican Kool-Aid, is that the state legislature is still filled with nut cases and they are demanding to get their way on some of the really important issues. They have also shown how willing they are to work with the new team of top state slots.

Katie Hobbs, on the left above, was the winner of the Governors race. Kari Lake, above on the right, was not the winner but has been going around giving speeches and appearing on television calling herself the rightly elected Governor of Arizona. She is not no matter how delusional she is about this. She is still filing lawsuits and trying to find other crazy ways to take the job away from Hobbs. She will not succeed but it keeps her off the streets for now.

This goof is Republican State Senator Jake Hoffman who is going to file a lawsuit against Hobbs for directing the Department of Administration to prohibit discrimination in matters of hiring, promotion, and gender identity for state personnel and for all state contracts.

Hobbs wants to make sure the state puts into action, what the Constitution calls for, which is that all are created equal. Apparently this guy, and the majority of the state Republicans in the Senate agree with him, that this policy is "woke". In other words the US Constitution is now a "woke" document for this party. He calls the new Governor a new breed of Democratic Fascism. Apparently he is unfamiliar with what Fascism means even as he is trying to institute it in the state.

These two fun guys, Republican State Senators Anthony Kern on the left and John Kavanagh on the right, have introduced two bills they feel cover the two most important issues facing the state right now. Kern wants schools to notify parents if their child prefers to use a pronoun for themselves other than the sex they were born with at school. This means that schools will now be in the position of outing students to their parents. Kern feels parents need to be aware so that they can get their children to counseling for their problem.

Kavanagh insists that the top issue is to eliminate drag queens from being anywhere near kids under 18. He has made this his top priority over better public education, affordable housing, opioid control, and a growing water shortage in the state. He just does not want the drag queens to even be allowed to perform in an adults only club between the hours of 1AM and 8AM. Why? It is unclear and he is not saying.

Who needs a steel fence to stop the influx of illegal immigrants when you can just stack shipping containers along the border. Clearly this was a solid plan that would stop anyone in their tracks if they came upon this. I mean nobody is smart enough to walk through the Ford F-150 sized hole. The former Governor's brain storm is being torn down and the good people of Arizona will only be on the hook for about $200 million of their tax dollars.

With a growing water shortage, the worst homeless problem in the nation, and public education under assault as grades drop, spending $200 million on this seems like the right choice.

As a show of defiance most of the Republican party refused to show up to the new Governors State of the State address. That will let her know who is the boss.

Like I said it was a close choice on craziest state representatives, and again, Texas and Florida don't stop because you are not that far behind, but you can see why we had to pick Arizona for the first quarter win.

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