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At The Crossroad

We the people are careening, out of control, to a crossroad moment in our country's history. Very soon we are going to have to stand up, and face each other, and decide, are we united, or are we hopelessly divided.

It has been over 160 years since we faced this crossroad, and back then it was for a much bigger reason, and issue, then the idiocy of the moment today. We have reached this intersection because of the damage done to our country by one man.

He of course has had help along the way. He's not nearly smart enough to actually figure this stuff out. What he does have is the personality for those that wanted to believe, to follow blindly no matter the cost or facts.

It started before he was even running for President when he was the champion for the anti Barak Obama birther movement. This was the coming out party for the racist wing of the GOP when they finally felt comfortable enough to say out loud, all the things they believed in private, for many years.

The right wing media jumped on this like a football rolling around the ground during an Alabama/Georgia football game. Those in the GOP, who were intent on making sure that people of color never would get a chance to help themselves, found a voice they could hide behind, and support, to get their agenda moving in Washington, and at the state levels.

They, along with Russia, and specifically, Vladimir Putin, worked hard to get him elected president in 2016, and they succeeded. Once in power the full court press of lies over truth began. It started out as a trickle and grew into a tidal wave of lie after lie from the President, with his rouges gallery of followers parroting his insanity.

First they tried, and failed, to completely eliminate healthcare for millions of Americans by claiming that it took away their rights. Complete nonsense, and no one could figure out why they were determined to stop people from having insurance. It turns out their financial benefactors were losing money with Affordable Care Act and so it had to go.

While they were trying to do this, they succeeded in convincing the base that their tax plan was going to save them big money. Well it did, if you were part of the upper 1/2 percent of income earners or big corporations. Everybody else saw their taxes go up, and yet the people love him for that.

The GOP showed zero interest in actually governing the country, instead they focused all their time and energy in getting hundreds of conservative judges confirmed and in place around the country. Some of these judges are so terrible that the ABA said they were unfit of be judges, but Mitch McConnell and his merry men slammed them through anyway.

The pandemic then attacked the world and the former president did nothing to stop it from spreading. He said his travel restriction for China was huge is slowing it down but guess what, another lie. Almost anyone that wanted to come and go from China was allowed to do so. This "fix" did nothing.

Instead he convinced his followers that Dr. Fauci, one of the most respected people in this industry, was a crackpot and shouldn't be listened to. Instead the former idiot in chief gave press conference after press conference telling all that they should shoot Clorox up their ass, or get a doctor to give you a shot of bleach in your lungs. His followers started to actually do this stupidity.

It all reached a crescendo when he was soundly defeated by Biden. Yes, he lost, and there was no fraud. This created the biggest lie of his presidency, which he continues to spew to this day. He has convinced the Republican party and all involved that he was cheated.

He lost because he is a moron and the country had had enough of his stupidity. Period.

Now, he continues his campaign to destroy our democracy. He has convinced way too many states to change their election laws to make it harder for people of color to vote, and to allow for Republicans to actually go in and change the voting results if they don't like how the people voted.

The conservative media is all in on this bullshit, as are almost every Republican politician in the country. They don't want free and fair elections, they want only white people to be in charge, and specifically, white Republican people.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are not innocent bystanders in this assault on democracy. They can't get out of each others way to stop the GOP from their path of destruction. They are too busy fighting each other on "green plans", and free stuff for everyone. They act like Oprah at Christmas, "and you get one, and you get one, and you get one too!"

They are trying to get a $3.5 trillion bill passed that will answer all of our problems, except how the hell are we going to pay for all this shit. Meanwhile they can't/won't get Biden's government filled out because they have let the Republicans, you know the party in the minority, to slow down the process. Why? Who the hell knows.

As I've said before. The Democrats could screw up a one car parade.

So here we are. We are at the intersection of Democracy and Dictatorship. Inclusion and exclusion. Civil war and civil unity. Right and wrong. Peace and war.

As a country we have to decide, do we want to continue to be the light on the mountain top for the rest of the world to follow to freedom, or are we ready to come down from our perch and allow everything we fought for over 275 years to be destroyed?

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