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Can They Still Be Saved

Those of you that know me well know that I am the poster child for positivity. I can't tell you how often I'm accused of being to sure people will do the right thing and being too willing to listen to the ideas and dreams of others.

It's almost like I bend over backwards to be supportive of those that disagree with me. I generally see the best in people and situations and I'll admit that being too nice has hurt me occasionally.

For all those reasons and more, I have been the first to support the followers and believers in our most recent past President. "People have the right to believe in whomever they want to believe in," I have often said. "We all have the right to choose the leaders we most believe in," is another mantra of mine.

I've not often agreed with 45 on issues but I respect his right to brainwash his followers. Clearly he is a man of the people and cares deeply about those that support him violently and relentlessly. How many times have we seen him breaking bread in a neighborhood café with his followers? You can count on no fingers how many tax laws he passed to help those of us 99%ers to show us his loyalty back to us.

His supporters have gone to great lengths to look past his orange skin, odd fist wave, and bald combover, to love and adore him for his real beauty, his fealty to dictators, especially Putin, and white supremacists.

However, today I have given up the fight to convert his cult followers. It is like talking to a brick wall, not unlike the one he never built on our southern border. No matter how much logic, facts, and laws you supply them with they still refuse to believe anything that didn't come from his sweet lips.

If they are willing to still rally around this clown after this weeks shocking events then the only thing left to do is round up every one of them and put them through severe deprogramming. I'm convinced nothing short of that will ever get them to stop their devotion to this lunatic.

I fear that this will be the faces of millions once the lightbulb finally goes on and they realize that they have given over their lives to a grifter and con man. I will no longer feel sorry for them because I know I have done all I can do to make them see the light, to no avail.

For the rest of you that have either already seen the light, or are leaning towards walking away, I offer this advice.

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