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Completely Baffled

We are now more than sixteen months removed from the Presidential election that sent the former idiot in chief packing and ushered in Joe Biden. This week we are still getting breaking news about how the loser in chiefs fan club is obsessed with his lies.

We learned yesterday that the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, Ginni Thomas, pictured on the left above, was in regular contact with the loser in chiefs, chief of staff, Mark Meadows on the right above, urging him to continue to fight the results of the election.

She was so distraught about losing America to the, gasp, Democrat Liberal Machine, that she was offering him her total support to overturn a free and fair election. This is exactly the behavior you want from the spouse of a Supreme Court Justice.

Sadly she is not the only one to fall for the lies and bullshit being spewed by a guy who has yet to actually get more votes than anyone he has run against. Once he got lucky and won the right states and the last time sanity prevailed and he lost, but both times he came up short in the popular voting. Why do we never hear that part from him or his minions?

We are long past the point where usually smart people stop saying the election was stolen. It wasn't. They never have been, including when Hillary lost in 2016 despite what she and her minions believe. Yet this two time losers hold on the minds of politicians and people in this country just boggles my mind.

It is so bad still that just the other day a Christian preschool teacher in California had his class chanting anti Biden rhetoric like it was the pledge of allegiance. Preschool kids for Christ sakes. What is seriously wrong with some people out there? Kids out here have enough idiocy around them without helping them become even more loony.

The frustrating part for the rest of us here on Earth one is that you can't even have a civil conversation with the true believers. Facts mean nothing to them. They only believe what a deranged, chronic liar says and how can you convince someone who believes that shit?

The insanity runs so deep that they have even taken the position that the protestors who stormed the Capitol, looking for Mike Pence to hang him, and other politicians to kill them, where no different than the kids from the Jimmy Carter Elementary School taking the Capitol tour. Video of them beating police doesn't convince them it was a riot.

I continue to offer to anyone who is a follower of the former idiot in chief to call or write to me and give me your reason for your undying loyalty to this nut case. I want to understand what he has done that makes you so passionate about him.

He accomplished nothing in four years other than to rip this country apart and get us to hate each other. He passed fewer laws than any other President ever. He has no policy other than his single minded purpose of doing whatever he can to line his pockets with money.

He is the dumbest President of all time. He is the biggest criminal ever to hold this office. And he is the only President to be impeached twice. What a legacy. For the rest of you believers still out there, enough already. It is time that you moved on.

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