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Cubs Clown Car

There have been reports, and a few stories, coming out of Chicago recently that there is some in palace fighting between the top two guys under Tom Ricketts.

Twiddle dumb, and twiddle dumber, pictured above, better known as Jed Hoyer (L), President of Baseball Operations, and Crane Kenny (R) President of Business Operations, are reported to be fighting over how much money Hoyer isn't spending to buy free agents, or sign, extensions for current players.

This of course has led Cubs fans to immediately go into meltdown mode at the thought of the beloved missing out on a top tier shortstop even though the one position they are OK at right now is shortstop with Nico Horner doing quite nicely there.

Cub fans, as they are won't to do, feel that they are just one guy away from fielding a competitive team in 2023. I don't know how to do this gently, but the team is about 22 guys away from a competitive team.

The aforementioned Horner is one quality piece, and many in baseball will say that right fielder Seiya Suzuki is another, although for my money he has been a flop along the lines of Kaseko Fukudome. I know they signed Cody Belanger, but having watched him for the past five years I can tell you he is a shell of what he used to be and is closer to the recently departed Jason Heyward than a former MVP.

Look, the Cubs are a mess right now. Even if they can put a marginally competitive team on the field they still have no pitching and that is a problem. But they can't even put a marginally competitive team on the field and with no pitching to go along with that, well, lets just say it is going to be a long season.

For Kenny to go on the radio and call out Hoyer about how he spends the money is childish and stupid, two things Kenny is well known for among those who know. Kenny's job is to make money for the Ricketts family, period. Hoyer's job is to find players to make the Cubs competitive, consistently, and so far he has failed.

Ricketts needs to get these two dopes together and remind them they have one of the top 30 jobs in sports, each, and to shut up, stay in their own corner, and start producing like he is paying them to do, or he will find two other guys who would love their jobs.

Oh, and to those White Sox fans out there who are laughing at the team on the Northside, don't get too full of yourselves, you have an even bigger mess on the Southside.

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