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Damn Russians

Well it was inevitable I suppose. At some point I knew they would come after me. First they attacked...

...the Colonial Pipeline halting the gas and oil supply to nearly 30% of the country. Ultimately the U.S. Government recovered most of the ransom money paid. Did they learn their lesson? Nope. They then went after...

...the American meat packing industries biggest company. So far no money has been recovered but our boys are hard at work tracking it down you can bet your bridges on that my friends. Now they've come after...

...this very blog. My god! First they attacked America at its vehicular core. Then they tried to take the most American food in the world, hamburgers, away from us. And for these past few weeks the stinking commie bastards tried to shut down the most American thing of all, the free press.

Unlike the other two behemoths above, In My Opinion will never pay a ransom to anyone. It is our right as Americans to drive the biggest gas guzzling SUV we can buy, and to eat the greasiest and tastiest bacon cheddar burger we can find, all while reading the most well written blog you can find on the internet, if I knew how to actually launch it to the internet.

For those that know me well, you know what a techno geek I am. There is nothing I love to do more than tear apart my computer and put it back together again. Of course that is when I can find the time between hacking into various foreign government files and systems in my search for the answer to, whatever happened to the original Mikey from the Life cereal ads?

Earlier today, with the help of my friends at Wix, we finally were able to figure out why nobody was getting notices of my new postings. It turns out, and here is a funny story, I apparently turned off the notification instructions for the blog. Oh, good times indeed.

I apparently zigged when I should have zagged while trying to figure out how to unsubscribe someone and just like that, I wiped out my entire email notification section. Too funny. Well, actually, not to the fine folks at Wix who just don't have the sense of humor you would like to see in a cloud based service company. They acted like one more left turn while I was scurrying around the website and I could have put them out of business for a while. As if.

It is interesting how when you actually need customer service you can never find them but make one little mistake and they don't stop calling and emailing you threatening things. Don't touch this, and don't go there, and if you open that file again we know where you live, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, we are back in business and the nice words from many of you are appreciated. I'm a little sad it took you almost three weeks to realize you hadn't seen anything from me before you actually made an effort to see if I was Ok, but I'm sure you were busy with important stuff too.

For those of you that actually missed my blog you can find all the back issues on the website when you are done reading this one. There are several that will make you laugh and a couple that will piss you off, just like always. Please take a few minutes to read them even if you don't agree with them. Think of it as economics class. You hate it but you need it for your degree.

Oh, and while you are there, do not touch anything, I have enough lawyers calling me already.

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