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Democracy Is Dead For The GOP

The former President started spewing his biggest lie before the election that he lost fairly and squarely last November. That big lie has now led to a major movement by the Republican legislatures, in at least 43 states, to roll back voting rights for many of its citizens.

What was that lie? That he couldn't possibly have lost by over seven million votes, the Democrats had to have stolen it out from under him. It was inconceivable for him to believe that eighty-one million people voted against him. We are now finding out that the things he did, that we didn't know about, were even more ominous than we believed, and we thought he did some crazy things as it was.

Still, four months later, a large portion of the Republican party, and their voters, believe that Joe Biden is not the real President, that the dear leader should still be in charge. This is so strongly felt that now 43 states are doing everything they can to make sure that it never happens again. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with these people?

While the press is focused on the stupid stuff about these voter suppression bills, like fines and jail time if you bring someone in line water to drink, the real story is the important things in these bills that are being glossed over. For example, Georgia has now put a law on the books that if they don't like who the election commission in various counties in Georgia are certifying as the person elected, they can fire them and install anybody they wish to put in that position that will certify the person they want instead.

Think about this for a minute. Pete Pro Choice is elected mayor of Small Town, GA. He is a Democrat. The GOP in the state senate decides they want Paul Pro Life to be mayor instead so they fire the election board and put in their people who do just that. This is the actual new law that was passed and signed by the Governor yesterday in Georgia. Your vote no longer matters unless you agree with the GOP.

If there was ever anything more undemocratic, I haven't seen it yet, but it is still early in the GOP process for making voting harder and harder for people of color, and people who are poor. You know, traditional Democratic voters. Think about this if you will.

The GOP has demanded that you have a voter ID to vote, and you must jump thru hoops to get one, yet they are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that nobody does a background check on anyone if you want to buy a gun.

Here is another law they are pushing nationwide. They want to eliminate voting by mail, because too many people vote for Democrats that way, they will however make it easier for you to go on line and have a gun delivered by mail, with no proof of who you are, or that you aren't crazy.

The GOP is also pushing into laws the elimination of voting drop off boxes where you can easily drop off your ballot. Why make it easier to vote when instead they will allow you to buy a gun at any Holiday Inn in every city, no ID or background check required.

These are all real laws that have been passed by GOP led state legislatures, or are in the process of being passed. Folks, we are entering a dark time in our democracy, and we need to once and for all stand up together to stop what is happening, from happening.

Our national politicians can't agree that it is Friday, let alone work together to pass laws that will stop states from taking away our most basic, and fundamental of rights. The right to vote freely and fairly. The GOP has finally come out of the closet and is admitting, in broad daylight, that they are racist and proud of it. Why are we letting this happen? Didn't we go to war against each other once already to stop this?

For all my friends and family, who defended the former President, and told me for five years, oh relax its all just him talking and it doesn't mean anything, well this is why I was outraged and said so. Words do have consequences. I for one will not stand by and allow the former idiot in chief to continue to destroy our country with his non-stop lies and bullshit, and his crazy believers who are running the states. He is dangerous, the GOP is out of control, and we need to stand up to these asswipes and tell them that we will not allow them to turn our country into Putin's Russia.

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