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Democrats Getting Ready to Implode

We haven't even gotten to election day yet and already the Democratic party is starting to do the one thing they do better than any other party on earth. Implode. They are so excited about the prospect of taking control of all three branches of the government, that they are already tossing grenades at each other in an effort to sway the direction of Joe Biden.

This is the one constant about the Democrats. They, as MSNBC's Brian Williams pointed out last week, never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Or, as I pointed out earlier this year, can screw up a one car parade.

Look, when you have a party that is fractured like the Democrats, you are going to have disagreements. According to multiple polls and research, the party is divided as such:

15% - very liberal; 33% liberal; 38% moderate; and 14% conservative.

Simplifying things, about 48% of the party leans left and 52% leans center-right. On any given topic the numbers move around and the split could look the opposite. This means that you have a party that is in a constant state of disfunction and battle. Not the ideal way to try to run a business, especially when you have a country that is in the biggest mess since the depression.

Already the far left group is holding their nose while they vote for Biden, even though they still think Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren still have an outside shot. They want Biden to spend his first day on the job banning cars, planes, gasoline, and nominating six or seven more Supreme Court justices.

The conservative side of the party fully expects Biden to immediately hire 63 million more police, eliminate the corporate tax, and sit down with Mitch McConnell to get tips on how to shutdown the government.

Meanwhile the seventy plus percent of those of us in the middle are sitting by shaking our heads at the stupidity of the party and wondering if anything will ever get done. Our priorities are eliminating the COVID virus and/or coming up with a safe and effective vaccine, getting business back open and hiring back their employees, coming up with a plan to actually fix our infrastructure that is in desperate need of repair, shoring up the Affordable Care Act/or fixing the whole health care system, and getting our children and grandchildren back in school.

Because they've been to this rodeo before, the GOP, will use their long and successful playbook to further drive a wedge between Democratic factions while making sure they put every roadblock they can in the way of getting things going again.

The Democrats will of course be sitting there telling anyone that will listen how unfair it is that the GOP is doing these horrible things, instead of slapping them down and actually governing like they should. (Mark this down that you heard it here first.)

As a public service, to the 15% of the party that thinks socialism will become reality, it is not going to happen. Ever. 95% of the country is not ready to move the U.S. in that direction, even a little bit.

For at least two years the Democrats will enjoy having the control to make stuff happen, and they need to prioritize what needs to be done first, and pass laws and get things done. For now, forget about reaching across the aisle to find Republicans that want to join you. It will just slow things down. I cannot say this enough. Pass legislation quickly and by need. Don't screw this up like you did in Barack Obama's first term.

If Biden and Kamala Harris aren't already working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on a game plan, then they need to sit down immediately after election day and do it so that there are no mistakes.

Right now people are angry at the GOP, but Americans have the attention span of rocks, and if the Democrats don't show swift and steady progress in the first two years of the Biden presidency, they will vote the GOP back in power and we will be back to nothing getting done, again.

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