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Fan Frustration Frenzy

The more I've been sitting around today thinking about it the more frustrated I've become and I decided that I had to get it off my chest before I ended up in the hospital, again, getting more stents put in me.

So what is it that has me up in arms? The decrepit state of our local sports franchises and teams. And I'm talking to each and every one of you, including the latest disappointment, The Sky.

Watching the Green Bay Packers, the ultimate small market team, trounce the Bears last night got me started on the road to funky town. Chicago is one of the major cities of the world and yet we can't figure out how to have consistently winning sports teams. St. Louis has figured it out. Minneapolis has a plan that is working for twenty years now. Boston seems to understand how to win. Chicago, not so much.

Oh, I haven't forgotten about you college sports teams, trust me. You have your issues too. Sure the occasional Northwestern girls lacrosse team will win but the major sports, football, basketball, and well, football and basketball generally stink.

Its not like we fans are asking any of these teams to cure cancer, although that seems like a better chance than winning consistently. All we want is for you to be at least as consistent as the stinking Green Bay Packers or the St. Louis Cardinals for crying out loud.

Winning one Super Bowl in fifty-five years, or one world Series in 108 years, or another World Series in 90 something years is not cutting it for me. I know the Blackhawks won three Stanley Cups in six years but they are back to being horrible once again. And yes I remember the Bulls won six championships in the Scotty Pippen era but that was a lifetime ago and they have been not very good since.

The Wolves won a couple of times but really, does it matter? Has the Fire ever won? I have no clue, its soccer and that sport doesn't really count anyway in America. I think the Sky won last year but managed to lose in the semi's this year on their way to oblivion I'm sure, and again I mean no disrespect, but its Women's Basketball and they can't even fill up a high school gym with fans.

This weekend was ridiculous for frustration. The Northwestern football team lost to SIU for god sake. They're not even an FBS team. It is like the Cubs losing to Kane County, which could happen I know. Then NIU figured out how to take a two touchdown lead and turn it into a loss by making bonehead decisions back to back to back.

And of course the weekend was topped off with the Bears falling down and playing dead for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Throw in a Cubs team eliminated and the White Sox trying to get eliminated and it was quite a weekend for fans.

Look, this town has money rolling around like nobody's business and yet we can't seem to figure out whom to hire to create a winning tradition. The Yankees have won 348 world titles while the Cubs and Sox combined have like nine. Forget Second City, its more like 215th city.

I am the one who has the opportunity to voice the frustration of an entire fan base and so I'm going to go off right now.

Enough is enough already. Either the sports teams in Chicago figure out how to put together a winning system or we the fans are going to stop coming to games. Maybe a 40% empty stadium will get your attention. Fans, we need to stick together on this, if they don't produce for us we don't show up. I know the White Sox fans are in, they don't show up when they are winning.

It is not unreasonable for us to expect you to put out a professional product, if you are a pro team, or a competitive product if you are a college team. You happily take our money but we get nothing but heartache in return. I feel like this has been the circumstance for my entire life because it has been.

It isn't bad luck, its bad teams with bad management and no plan. Not a particularly good foundation. I'm getting older by the minute and I don't have much time left to enjoy watching my teams succeed so I, we, need you to hurry and get your crap together.

I cannot take losing to the Packers and Cardinals anymore. I want to see my teams be on top of the world like other smaller cities get to see. I'm not kidding, I'm tired of this crap.

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