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His Lasting Legacy

Like many of you, I watched the Idiot in Chiefs final shit show, and rioters, attack the United States Capital complex yesterday in another, in a long line of, failed attempts to overthrow the country and our election.

This disgraceful, and terrorist, act on the part of a sitting President, would have been even more shocking if not for the four years of insanity coming from this clown. Let's not be too coy here, this was an attempted coup to overthrow a free and fair election by the 45th President of our country.

Not since The War of 1812 has anyone successfully breached the Capital complex and occupied the floor of the House, Senate, and the offices of many of our Representatives, including the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

These thugs, anarchists, felons, terrorists, or whatever name you want to give them, did the unthinkable because of their complete fealty to one nutcase who can't accept the fact he lost an election, fairly, despite what he keeps saying over and over. They will be found and prosecuted, trust me.

For three hours, or so, yesterday the United States Capital looked like Paraguay, or Argentina, or one of the Baltic Countries in the 1960's and 1970's when the term Banana Republic was invented. This was the most shameful day in the history of our country.

While the head loser in the White House is the leading culprit in this attempted coup, he is not alone. Every Congressperson, Senator, rightwing media talking head, and person who voted for this buffoon has just as much blood on their hands as he does.

That's right, blood. It is not often that you mention death count, and U.S. Capital, in the same sentence. One rioter was shot and killed when she foolishly attacked the Capital, but three others died from various medical issues that came up due to the actions of this mob.

The woman that was shot and killed is Ashli Babbit, an Air Force veteran from San Diego. According to many media outlets, she was an avid defender, and follower, of the President and had postings on her Facebook account of multiple rightwing conspiracy cases. In other words, a fairly typical follower of the dear cult leader.

For four years I have written, and spoken, about my fears that this nutcase would do something that would destroy America. Each time I did I received admonitions from friends, and family, about how he was misunderstood, or just making a joke, or yeah he makes us uncomfortable sometimes, but that's why we love him. My favorite response is when I'm told that, sure he is rough around the edges, but we love the money he is making for us in our 401k's, or, but we love his policies.

Let me ask you which of his policies you like the best?

His ripping babies from the arms of parents at the border and keeping them in cages? Maybe you love his endless support for White Supremacist's? Or is it his constant attacking people of color you support? Maybe you are on board with his determined fight to eliminate health care, and in particular, ending coverage for pre-existing conditions?

Is it his policy of conspiring with foreign enemies that gets you fired up? How about his relentless attacks on the mainstream media? Or maybe his 30,000 lies he's told, especially the latest ones regarding the stolen election, are what you especially love about him? Certainly you are all on board with his sending his mob to take over the Capital yesterday, right?

And as far as all the money he is making you, it isn't because of him, it is in spite of him. The stock market is being propped up by the Federal Reserve, an independent entity, not related to the US Government, that is the big helper. He takes credit for it, but like everything else that comes out of his mouth, it isn't true.

After what he set in motion yesterday, there are only four options today for our country.

He can resign immediately, the Congress and Senate can impeach him and remove him immediately, the Vice President and Cabinet can remove him through the 25th amendment process, or some brave American can put a bullet through his head.

I'm OK with them all, although the last one would give him martyr status with his cult of followers and make him an even bigger deal for them. Either way, he needs to be removed immediately.

You've seen for four years now that his depravity has not boundaries. Just when you think he can't go any lower, he shows us we were wrong. So think about this, fans of the head asswipe, he still has access to the nuclear codes, and based on reports from the White House, his mental state right now is borderline insanity.

If you think he won't do the unthinkable, he already has, multiple times.

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