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I'm Not Stopping

The few remaining family and friends, that are still speaking to me, have suggested that I should cut back on my political columns if I want to continue to have family and friends still speaking to me. I don't take their advice lightly, and I have thought about this for some time now. It has troubled me, and, occasionally, kept me up at night.

What I've decided, is that as much as I value their friendship, and I value it greatly, in my heart and my soul, I believe that I am on the right side of my positions, and for me to not continue to fight for what I believe is just, and right, would be to completely disregard the things I expect from this nation.

I understand that many of you completely disagree with my position on the former President, and yes he is legitimately the former President, and many of you don't like my position on what the GOP is doing to our civil rights and voting laws. More of you than I could have imagined have an opposite view on how to handle the Covid crisis, especially in regards to vaccines, than I do.

It is for all those reasons, and more, that I am compelled to continue to write about these issues. Until I can get you to understand that your reasons for your beliefs are based on lies, falsehoods, and misinformation, I have to point out to you the foolishness of your thinking. Additionally, I will continue to point out that this way of thinking is tearing our country apart, and by the time you figure out that you are being duped, it will be too late for us all.

I know that I have hurt your feelings, and that I have pissed you off, and for some of you, have lost you forever. I am sorry that this has happened because I know that if you had the accurate information, you would not have left. You are on the wrong side of history on these issues, and I hope that some day you will realize that all along I was trying to help you see the light.

I can hear you saying, what makes you think your position is the right one and ours isn't? What if your facts are wrong and ours are correct?

I would say there lies the issue. There can only be one set of accurate facts. For example: Trump lost the election in every way possible, by the popular vote and by the electoral college. Any other belief of different facts than these are just not true. It is that simple. If you actually believe that he won, or that he was cheated, then you have fallen for lies and misinformation.

If you don't want to believe me then take the answer from the deposition his lawyer , Rudy Giuliani, in a Denver court last month. He said that the whole Dominion machine changing votes story, that is at the foundation of the big lie, was made up. It was created to help in the story they were trying to peddle of election fraud.

Now if the former idiot in chiefs own lawyer says it was made up then how can you continue to believe the story? This is what I mean by one set of facts.

I don't enjoy beating you up over these issues, but enough is enough already. For goodness sakes grow up and do some basic research on these issues. Don't take the word of what you read on Facebook, or saw on Fox News.

The celebrities on Fox News are pushing, every day, the position that getting vaccinated should be your choice and that not getting vaccinated is perfectly safe, yet they have a company policy that made them get vaccinated to work there, and, in fact, most are still working in their basements because they don't want to take the chance of being in the studio and getting infected.

What happened to some good old common sense on some of these things. Watching the mob of Trump supporters attack the Capitol, beating police, and trying to find the leaders of our country to kill them on live TV was jarring. To now hear 99% of the Republican party, and 100% of the Trumplicans, say that the media made all this up, and that it was no different than a tour of the Capitol that happens everyday, is so beyond insane that I don't even know where to start.

So, until the time comes when we can have an actual discussion on topics without, "alternate facts", being used for one side of the argument, I will continue to point out that you are wrong and tell you why.

As the great man above suggested, I am putting my feet in the right place and standing firmly on the ground.

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