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I Think I've Seen a Ghost

I'm not sure what was uglier this weekend, the uniform shown above, or the play of the guys wearing them.

I believe that this three game series against the Washington Nationals was the worst baseball played by the Cubs in the Joe Maddon era. The team was uninspired, they were emotionless, they were clearly not engaged, and that was the highlights. Each day brought more bad things to light in a seemingly endless display of, meh.

Yes there were a couple of guys who occasionally made a play or two, but in general they looked like they had plans every night and couldn't wait to leave the ballpark. There was better baseball being played in Williamsport than in Wrigley.

This team continues to drive me insane with their Jekyll and Hyde personality. How can you look so good against the Giants for three days and then look like the walking dead against the Nats? I'm getting to the point of hoping they actually lose about 15 in a row and drop out of the race for good. They don't deserve to be a playoff team right now.

I can't remember if it was Friday or Saturday, they all run together right now, when they had three different innings to break open the game with runners in scoring position, including bases loaded, and struck out every time. You would think that one guy would try for a single, but no, everybody is swinging for the fences instead and the result was a goose egg.

I know that many of you that read this are huge Cubs fans, like me, so I'm sorry to break the news to you, that they suck right now. Massively. Consistently. Depressingly. Disgustingly. Bad baserunning, bad pitch selection, bad relief pitching, bad starting pitching, bad managing, bad, bad, bad, bad.

I have been a Cubs fan for 60+ years, and believe me, I know bad baseball. I thought we were past all this crap but the pain of being a Cubs fan apparently knows no end.

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