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Just A Couple Of Things

Two stories continue to dominate the news cycle and both have me troubled. One of them I am getting very tired about having to continue to write about, and the other is beyond anything I could ever imagine would happen in this country.

This past week there has been more disturbing news regarding the spread of the Delta Variant in the USA. It has now taken over as the most widespread version of the Coronavirus, and it is accelerating more rapidly than anything before with this virus. Just when it looked like we had come out of the woods on this horrible pandemic, we are being dragged back in again.

Why is this happening? Well, there are about six states that have steadfastly refused to accept the fact that we have a deadly virus running amok in this country, and they have refused to issue orders to wear a mask, also, they have continuously spread misinformation about the safety of getting vaccinated.

Suddenly their hospitals are being overrun with people suffering from the virus and now they are shocked and confused about what to do. Conservative media continues to insist that this is all a bunch of malarkey and yet their neighbors and family are dropping like flies daily.

Many of these states are holding town hall meetings where one crackpot after another steps up to the mic and tells the assembled that the government is putting tracking devices in the vaccines, or magnets, or some other nonsensical BS, and everyone in the audience is shaking their heads yes.

So another day goes by, and more people die, and these dumbshits can't figure out what to do. The lack of doing anything to resolve this by calmly telling their people that vaccines are perfectly safe, and they should go to their local Walgreens and get one, causes the rest of America to take steps to protect everyone else by reinstituting mask mandates.

Because a handful of misinformed, and misguided individuals, refuse to take the steps needed to eradicate this once and for all, the rest of us will continue to suffer the consequences. It is time for the federal government, responsible conservatives, and the right wing media, to step in and tell people that there is nothing in these vaccines that will hurt them, and in fact they will save their lives.

And if you think I am exaggerating about the pushback from the right on vaccines, go Google speeches about Covid, and see how in the past few weeks the former idiot in charge gave a speech where he pointed out that Biden, and the US government, hadn't met their July 4th goal of getting 70% of America vaccinated. The response from the crowd, a standing ovation. This is how sick and demented these people have gotten. Cheering the impending death of thousands of more of us.

Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, and Texas had better either get on board the vaccine train or the rest of us will put a fence up around you so that you can't hurt anymore of us. Thousands of people dying for no reason because we have a solution for the problem and still people are refusing to get help. Morons.

As bad as the pandemic has been to our country, there is nothing more evil, and anti American, than what the Republican party is doing right now to suppress voter rights. Because they cannot get enough people to vote for them, and their ridiculous platforms, they instead are going to make it impossible for people who traditionally vote for Democrats to actually go vote.

What a glorious plan. Nobody wants the shit they are spreading, so let's make sure the other side can't vote. Oh, and if by some miracle the people who they don't want to vote, figure out how to get to a polling place and cast a vote anyway, they have passed laws that allow, only the Republican party, to step in and over turn the results to fit their agenda. Hello dictatorship!

If you think I am making this up go do some research.

Somehow they continue to say, with a straight face, that the Democrats are destroying America and they must be stopped. This is seriously screwed up shit they are spewing and unfortunately their base is loving it. Meanwhile, back in Washington, the Democrats in Congress, can't get out of each others way as the clock ticks and the country is about to self destruct.

There is nothing more sacred to our democracy than the right for all of us to vote. It should be easy, it should be fair, and it should not be turned into a banana republic style election we have watched from afar for years and laughed at. This is the most serious threat to our country since the civil war, and for some reason the Democrats refuse to do the one thing they need to do to fix it, repeal the filibuster.

By the time the rest of us can do anything, it will be too late. America is on the brink of chaos and we need to start letting the people in DC know that they need to fix this right now. Call your representative, and senator, and make sure you let them know that voting is a fundamental right and they need to get going to stop the suppression.

If they don't fix this immediately the country will be in deep doo-doo and we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. If you have a neighbor, friend, or family that thinks the GOP is on the right path with this bullshit, do the country a favor and slap them silly, and point out how it will destroy our way of life.

This is an emergency and we need all hands on deck to stop it.

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