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Just when you thought the Bears season couldn't get any crazier, Sunday night happened. The first half featured the Rams desperately trying to give away the game to the Bears, while the Bears steadfastly refused to take it by not being able to convert on multiple opportunities. Missed field goals from 48 and 47 yards were the highlights, but the Bears going for it on 4th down instead of trying to kick another field goal said volumes.

Mitch over throwing, Mitch under throwing, David Montgomery not gaining any yards, again, Bad routes, poor play calling, a complete game in just one half. Another miserable performance on the national stage for the Bears this season.

I don't want to point the finger at one guy, Ryan Pace, but whomever put this group together needs to be replaced. Even the casual fan can see this team is not the answer. When you can't run the ball you can't win, and this Bears team cannot run the ball. Wasted draft choice David Montgomery can't gain an inch after contact. The offensive line might as well stay on the sideline for all the good they do.

The defense played good enough to win this game if only the offense had a clue. Khalil Mack continued to be invisible for the 9th straight game, but otherwise the defense seems locked in. At some point I expect to see someone on the defense walk over to one of the offensive linemen and slap him upside the head on the sideline.

In the third quarter the Bears finally showed some signs of life with a crisp, efficient scoring drive that resulted in a Tarik Cohen touchdown. That apparently shot their wad as the rest of the game looked remarkably like the first half.

And then with just under four minutes left in the game Chase Daniel trotted out and took over the offense. As NBC's Al Michael put it, "for some reason, Chase Daniel is now leading the Bears offense onto the field." They then showed a clip of Trubisky and Nagy in a buddy huddle during the previous TV timeout with the explanation that the Bears PR people have no reason for the change in QB. Oh.

Once again the Bears quarterback position is up for grabs. This marks the 873rd time in team history that the Bears have decided that anyone else is better than the guy they have at the moment to play the most important position on the field. As a comparison the Green Bay Packers have made this move 14 times in their history.

I will give Matt Nagy credit that at least even he has finally realized that Trubisky is not the answer, and watching him screw up one more drive was going to put him over the top, and he may have done something criminal on the sideline.

Now we get to play our favorite football game, who is the quarterback going forward for the Chicago Bears? If you think he is currently on the roster, raise your hand. Not so fast Bobby, that was a trick question. The Bears haven't had a quarterback on their roster since Sid Luckman, and honestly he just looks good because they've had so many horrible ones.

Maybe Trubisky did hurt his hip as they claim, or maybe Nagy just needed to give him a time-out, in either case it is very obvious that he is not the answer to the above question. So do they find a guy off the waiver wire, talk somebody out of retirement, or tank this season and draft another project? None are great options and the fans have just about had enough of Ryan Pace and his talent evaluation.

Ka-Boom indeed.

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