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Meet Our Future Leaders

I believe it is important for us to get to know the people who want to lead our country. We should even take a minute to check in on those that are already in positions of leadership. So today I would like to bring everyone up to speed on who is doing what in politics as we prepare for the all important midterm elections in November.

Lets start in the great state of Michigan where they have two sweet ladies running for office. On the left is "Wacky" Jacky Eubanks. This gun loving sweetheart is running for the state legislature. She believes that it imperative for the country to impose Christian moral order because how can you have a solid foundation without it.

She also is planning on introducing bills, if elected and fingers crossed for her, that would ban contraceptives because we need more white people born to eliminate the Democratic replacement plan. While she is banning things why not ban gay marriage also, this goes against everything God has told her.

She is 100% sure that Trump won the 2020 election and that the left is determined to destroy this country thru mob violence instead of the peaceful protests like the people who attacked the Capitol on January 6th. Good Luck Jacky!

In the middle, above, is Michigan's own Kristina Karamo who is running for Secretary of State in Michigan. This position controls the integrity of all elections in the state. She has vowed to overturn the Trump defeat of 2020 in Michigan as her first order of business. She can't, of course, but she is pretty sure she will.

Her fair handed approach will be led by her belief that all Democrats have a satanic agenda that includes the sacrificing of children when they aren't preparing them for a gay lifestyle. She also is sure that it was actually left wing anarchists that were dressed as Trump supporters who were storming the Capitol on 1/6. She read this on a web site and if you can't believe what is on the internet then what can you believe?

Finally, the man standing on the left, in the far right picture, is last weeks winner in the GOP primary in Pennsylvania. Doug "The Maestro" Mastriano beat a huge field of other Republicans for the honor of heading up the state ticket in November. Way to go Doug!

Doug is deeply committed to QAnon, multiple right wing conspiracy movements, and he believes that God has sent him to fix this country. God told him to destroy the Democrats and their satanic leanings and to restore Donald Trump to his rightful place as the President. He is pictured at the 1/6 riot in Washington where he was committed to reinstating Trump.

Doug has repeatedly said in interviews that if you don't believe in his cause, or what he believes in, then it is God's decision to have you killed so that your gene pool is not passed along. Hello Scranton I'm talking to you.

Lets' talk about the current "IT" couple of DC Clarence and Ginni Thomas. This low profile Supreme Court Justice and his wife have been found to have been deeply involved in the overthrow of democracy coming out of the 2020 election. Ginni spent days texting Mark Meadows, Trumps chief of staff, with support for his efforts to toss out the legitimate votes that elected Joe Biden and reinstall Trump.

But she didn't stop there. She also sent multiple members of the Arizona house instructions on what to do to send an illegal slate of electors to vote for Trump instead of Biden, who actually won the state. She told them it was their duty to make this happen. It was completely illegal but why let that stop them.

Meanwhile her husband refused to recuse himself from a vote that was before the court that was to force Trump to turn over documents and phone records to the House investigation of the 1/6 insurrection. Not surprisingly he voted against forcing Trump to do this. Luckily clearer, and less conflicted, heads prevailed.

While we are in Washington let's check in on the House GOP caucus and see what this fine group is up to this week.

Your favorite representatives, Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, Chip Roy, Thomas Massie, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Lauren Bobert all voted against two bills this week that were ultimately passed to help with the horrible baby formula shortage.

Bill number one was to allocate $28 million dollars to the FDA to make sure this doesn't happen again and to put in place plans insuring formula never runs out. The second bill was to lower some of the restrictions on the type of milk that people who use low income financial sources can buy with this money.

These rabid pro lifers are more interested in protecting the lives of an unborn nothing than the lives of children once they are born. Good for them to take this important stand and show the world how a pro life supporter reacts to a major crisis of the children.

Well there you have this weeks look at who wants to be your future leader. Please get out and vote so that your choice is represented.

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