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More Anti Women Signs

As a follow-up to my previous post on how the GOP is doing all it can to keep women down, these two stories came up and I wanted to share with you their continuing campaign of hate and control over anyone that they don't like.

First up, and the most evil, is our favorite state for hate, Texas. Some far right media nut job named Steven Crowder went on a rant recently about how his wife left him and filed for a divorce. He was outraged that in Texas, where they lived, she could easily do it because they have a no fault divorce law. Now, all states have this same law. It allows either party to walk away from an unhappy marriage without having to prove abuse, infidelity, or any other misconduct in court. A safe, sane law.

Well our good friends in the Republican party in Texas were so upset with Crowder crying about his wife leaving him that they are now working to repeal that law. They feel that only the man should decide when the marriage is over, just like they feel they should decide what a woman should do with an unwanted pregnancy, or what is being taught in schools.

This is all about power. These tiny dicked men in the GOP want to prove to everyone how macho they are while keeping women and minorities subservient to them. It is a last grasp at holding onto power as it is inevitably slipping away from them. Their time has passed as the party of any people. They are only interested in hating and disrupting not actually governing.

And to prove how much they hate everyone that isn't them, another GOP moron named Jeff Holcomb, in a second state of hate, Florida, gave a speech on the house floor there the other day where he said, "ISIS, the Taliban, and al Qaeda. Those are the folks who discriminate. Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do." Hate homosexuals more than we do. At least they are finally saying it out loud so we all can hear.

Besides being dangerous, stupid, racist, and many more despicable things, the GOP, continues to get themselves reelected. I understand why their base, stupid white men who hate anyone who isn't, keeps voting for them. What I do not understand is why any woman in this country would vote for these dopes. How much do you hate yourself, or pine for being dominated, that you would allow these clowns to continue to ruin your lives? I just don't get it.

Every single day the GOP proves to all how little they think of, and respect, women. If you continue to support this party then you are telling your family and friends that you are in lock step with them and their ideas and goals. Which means you support, hating everyone who isn't a white, conservative, Christian, male. Are in favor of eliminating Social Security and Medicare. Want religion taught in public schools. Are determined to keep every nonwhite immigrant out at any cost. Are happy to see kids slaughtered with assault guns. And don't think anyone but white male landowners should vote. This is what the GOP represents. There is no denying it anymore.

Keep voting for these idiots and you will find yourself living in country you no longer recognize. It is in your hands to stop these morons from ruining our country even more then they already have. I will not apologize for calling them, and you, names for supporting them. You've earned it by voting for them. What you do has consequences and its time you owned it. Wake up people and read and watch something other then conservative news.

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