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Morons Please Step To The Right

On November 3, 2020, America held another, free, fair, and legal election. We have been doing this for about 240 years, and most Americans accepted the results when it was all over and counted, and moved on with their lives. Democracy in action. The foundation of our system here in the United States of America.

Then, the dumbest man on earth managed, beyond even his wildest dreams, to get elected president in 2016, and suddenly everything we have held sacred in this country, was flushed down the toilet, by a snake oil salesman, who doesn't give one rats ass about America.

Multiple security agencies in this country, and around the world, said they had clear, and undisputed evidence, that Russia was instrumental in trying to help the winner of that 2016 Presidential election. Whether or not they had any effect is debatable. There is no doubt they succeeded in pitting us against each other.

The final electoral results in the 2016 Presidential election was 306-232. The winner claimed it was a landslide, not even close. He also lost the popular vote, bigly, as he likes to say.

Four years later, Joe Biden won the Presidential election by over 7 million votes, and by an electoral count of, huh, that's weird, 306-232. The idiot currently occupying the peoples house said it was rigged, fixed, a farce, and that he actually won bigly in every state he lost. I guess landslides look different depending on where you're standing.

Each state eventually certified their results, and sent electors to cast those votes for the winning candidate in their state, as directed by the constitution. The Loser in Chief filed over 50 lawsuits in various contested states and he lost every single one of those suits. In many cases the judges, several Republican, and several put there by the loser, went out of their way to rip the filing of those suits as stupid and a waste of time.

Undaunted, the Idiot in Chief had his minions continue to file more lawsuits to overturn the results, until two actually reached, "his Supreme Court", where they would finally see it his way, and name him the winner, instead of the guy America actually elected. Much to his surprise, they unanimously told him to pound sand.

Being the "law and order" President he claims to be, he immediately tried to get state representatives to illegally overturn the results in their states, and name him the winner. That didn't work. Now he is trying to get the Congress to throw out the electoral votes and name him the winner. It absolutely will not happen but guess what? There are around 120 congressmen and women, and 11 U.S. Senators who are going to challenge the free, fair, and legal election results.

Try to get your head around this stupidity. I have been thinking about this for a week and I still can't come to grips with their plan. 131 elected, national, representatives actually believe that this election was not legal. They are so convinced, that they are prepared to vote against Democracy on Wednesday. 131 elected morons will vote in favor of dictatorship and against our constitutional democracy.

Josh Hawley - (R) MO Ron Johnson - (R) WI Ted Cruz - (R) TX

These three Senators are the ringleaders of this nonsense in the Senate. Hawley and Cruz are potential Presidential candidates in 2024 and they want the current moron's supporters to support them when they run. The guy in the middle is so stupid, and insane, that he is involved in every crazy QAnon conspiracy, and bullshit story, that comes along. He has also, more than once, been the lead on spreading Russian misinformation after being told to stop doing that by the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Furthermore, 39% of Americans believe the presidential election was rigged. 67% of Republicans believe this, 17% of Democrats do too, and 31% of Independents think the ballots were stuffed.

I have asked many people who feel this way themselves, this one question: Why would the Democrats rig the election, for president, but not make sure they had an overwhelming headcount in the House and Senate while they were at it?

They can't answer because it destroys their premise of a rigged election.

Just when you think this clown can't drag the country further down in the muck, he surprises you with another rung lower down on the ladder of deceit and disgrace. January 20th will be here soon enough and we will be done with this idiot once and for all.

So, to recap. The elections were legal and fair. The people have spoken. The states have certified their vote and their electors have voted. The courts have said this was fair and constitutional. Joe Biden will be sworn in at noon EST on January 20, 2021.

If anybody in congress thinks otherwise, the line for morons forms on the right.

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I must be one of the morons. It’s quite clear that several states did not follow their election laws.

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