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No Mask - No Vaccine

As we approach the one year anniversary of the first reported Covid-19 cases here in America, we are still a country at war with the truth, common sense, and each other, over this most deadly pandemic. Honestly, I just don't understand the thinking of so many of us right now.

As of ten minutes ago, there have been 28,138,938 reported cases here in the USA. That leads the world by a million miles. People are being infected with this virus, even while vaccines are in full swing, at the rate of over 66,000 a day, on a seven day average. We have lost 503,587 of our neighbors, friends, family, and others here in the land of the free. Again, this leads the world by miles and we are still losing over 2000 a day on average.

FUN FACT: We have now lost more people to this virus than we did in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam combined. Seriously.

Oh, and we haven't hit our one year anniversary for our first death yet. Just think about that for one second. We have lost over a half a million Americans to this virus and it hasn't even been one year yet.

All of which makes me wonder, what the hell the people that are dead set against wearing a mask are thinking.

I think they are idiots, but the MAGA dopes won't wear one because their lying leader told them it was OK not to. Infecting each other is fine with me, but then they try to move back in the real world and they are infecting all of us. Another example of the right forcing their value system on the rest of us whether we like it or not.

These clowns were in hiding, on January 6th, from the group above, who are hell bent on finding any congressperson, or Senator, and killing them. The fact that they refused to wear a mask, even though the rules in the Capitol call for them to do so, and then they infected 4-5 others in that room, is despicable. Besides being asswipes, they were laughing at the person asking them to wear one.

The common theme here is that the overwhelming majority of people who are still refusing to wear a mask, are Republicans. They have adopted this position, as the ground they will literally die on. Talk about idiots. They all seem to be wearing pants. Why? Don't they find them restrictive and against the right to be free? They probably even stop at stop lights the losers.

All this stupid behavior by the leadership, if you can call them that, gives the average Joe the courage to not wear a mask on an airplane, and then punch flight attendants when they tell them to mask up. Off the plane you go moron and morons friend.

CPAC, the convention that tells the right how to vote, and for whom, made an announcement today that masks were required on the floor of the hotel, and they were booed. Apparently these numbskulls not only want the right to carry guns everywhere, but they'll be goddammed if they will be forced to wear a mask to potentially save their lives.

Oh, and by the way, don't even start with the argument that it hasn't been proved that masks work. That is another lie from your glorious leader. Every legitimate doctor and scientist has said that wearing a mask will stop the spread of the virus. So stop telling that lie to each other, and besides, the point is not that, I/we, give a slight shit about you living or dying, it is about protecting the rest of us you selfish assholes.

Right now the Republican party, and many, but not all, fellow Republicans, have become the party of obstruction, anti Constitutional rule, insurrection, racism, and conspiracies. We should just let them implode and go away since they have zero value to offer our country right now. The real Republicans that are left behind will figure out how to start over again with a party that actually has values and ideas on how to govern, not show fealty to one man.

For now the rule for giving out vaccine shots should be a simple one. If you are wearing a mask, you get vaccinated. If you refuse to wear a mask, no vaccine.

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