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Parenting Part 2

Today is the day Mabel, pictured above, goes in for her surgery and this morning is the hard part of parenting that just kills you. Because of surgery she is not allowed any water or food after midnight last night. This of course means that our other dog, Ellie, not pictured here, gets nothing either.

It is bad enough that I am slurping down cup after cup of coffee while denying these two anything to drink or eat. Can you imagine the outrage from Mabel if I was letting Ellie eat and drink while she watches. I'm not that cruel.

Every time I turn around, or go into the kitchen, I have four beady eyes staring holes in me, pleading for just a drop of water or a morsel of food. Having to deny them either just kills me but I know I have to stay strong.

Linda has the tough job because she is going to drop Mabel off at the vet, alone, and if you've ever tried to bring a dog to the vet you know how that will play out from the car to the front door.

In my head I know I'm doing the right thing and what the vet ordered but in my heart I'm dying with every minute. I can't look them in the eye because I know that is their power move and I might crumble. I'm even holding off eating myself because I feel bad.

Ellie will get food and water once Linda and Mabel leave but that whole scene will be delayed while Ellie runs around the house howling for ten minutes because Mabel is going somewhere and she isn't.

Then the torture continues as we wait on pins and needles for the vet to call us with results from the surgery. Mabel is fifteen, that is like my ninety-two year old mom going in for surgery, it is a toss-up on how she will handle it. We could be looking at a really bad day but I don't want to think about that part.

I can't wait for this day to be done and for Mabel to be back here even if she is going to be a wet blanket for the balance of the day and night. I can't take the emotional output on days like this much longer which is why once our time with these two nuts is over so are our dog rearing days.

Fingers crossed.

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