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Playoffs? The Playoffs?

I'm with Jim Mora.

Since Thursday night, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted to win the game, less than the Bears wanted to win, the talk around football fans, TV personalities, and radio sports shows, is that the Bears are a playoff team.


For all you ravenous, crazed, and fanatical Bears fans out there, and you know who you are, a reality check. Before Thursday nights game, the Bears opponents had a combined record of 4-12. If you take out the Indianapolis Colts, who beat the Bears, the record for the three teams they beat is 1-11. Not exactly a march through the Dynasty District of pro football.

If you still need more proof that it might be premature to buy those Super Bowl tickets right now, in their four wins, the margin average was only 3.25 points. Against teams that have won only four games so far.

Somehow, with this feeble record, there are significant numbers of "experts" who actually think this team is good. Before the season started I was praying for the Bears to go around 8-8, maybe get lucky and end up 9-7, and not be surprised if they ended the year 7-9. I've not seen anything to change my mind so far.

Their top rusher, David Montgomery, is only averaging 49.4 yards/game.

Their top receiver, Allen Robinson, is only averaging 84.2 yards/game.

And, their career, underachieving, back-up QB, Nick Foles, has a stellar passer rating of 83.9. This is just under the guy who got fired from the position, Mitch Trubisky, who is at 87.4. What an offensive juggernaut.

The leader of this mess is head coach, and former offensive guru, Matt Nagy. (Not pictured due to witness protection rules) His play calling, laminated card, he uses each game has, Be You! in bold type. It must mean that he is determined to take this offense back to 1973. Run, holding, run, false start, incomplete pass, punt is the extent of the Bears offense. This could all be written on a post it note and not on an 18" x 24" card.

Their best offensive threat is the kick returner, Cordarrelle Patterson, who is averaging 31.2 yards/game. The good news is that the Bears give up so many scores that he gets plenty of chances a game to ply his trade.

I'm told, because I don't get to see many Bears games, that Roquan Smith and Eddie Jackson have had a pretty good year so far. Based on what I saw Thursday night from these two, I find it pretty hard to believe. Smith couldn't tackle me, and Jackson led the team in penalties, bad coverage, and catches against.

Having said that, the defense must be doing something right because they are holding teams to three touchdowns a game. And these teams stink, wait until they start playing the good teams. The Bears offense won't be able to score enough to stay close.

I don't mean to rain on your parade. I love the Bears too, but all this playoff talk is just silly right now. They've beaten the teams they should beat, and that's good, but they need to beat them by bigger margins, not by last second miracles.

Their schedule is starting to get tougher in the coming weeks, and we'll see what kind of team they have, and then we can determine their playoff chances. For now I'm sticking with Jim.

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