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Politics Isn't About Being Fair

With the death of The Notorious RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Friday, the idiot in chief now has the opportunity to appoint his third Supreme Court justice. It makes you wonder how the worst President in history, can also be the luckiest, but it is what it is as he is so fond of saying.

Democrats, social media, and the press are all up in arms over the fact that the GOP, and Moscow Mitch, are going to ram through another judge before the people vote in November. "He said Obama couldn't pick Garland because it was an election year and now he's letting the dope in charge do it. It's not fair!" I have a news flash for America. Politics has nothing to do with fair, it's about power and control.

Letting the majority leader get away with his move on Garland was as brilliant on his part as it was sleazy. The president has the right to select a judge and the Senate has the duty to vote on that selection. The fact that Moscow played Obama is the fault of three people, Obama, Chuck Schumer, and we the people. They/we let him do it and sat there saying well I guess so.

Are all the two faced Republicans who said one thing in 2015 and have now flipped to saying another thing in 2020 complete pieces of shit, liars, and worthless scumbags? Yes of course they are, they are politicians, that is the definition of politicians. The GOP continues to make mincemeat out of the Democrats and they never learn.

Democrats are so clueless that they could screw up a one car parade. "Ok, first we need the car to be earth friendly. The color has to be neutral so that we don't upset anyone. We need a cross section of people in the car, and they all have to sit in the same row so nobody looks more important. We have to take a route with both right and left turns."

Meanwhile the GOP is saying, "just get the biggest damn car you can find and put two pretty girls in it." Then they get back to the business of stuffing money into the pockets of major donors, the rich, and their families.

It is a complete waste of time fighting and complaining about this nomination. It is going to happen whether or not we think it is fair. Instead, Democrats should be spending their time, energy, and money on gaining control of the Senate and getting Joe Biden elected. Once they take care of that they then need to fire Chuck Schumer as leader and replace him with someone who cares less about traditional Senate BS and more about undoing what the GOP has done.

Saving the "institution of the Senate", is stupid. The Senate is dead and broken, for ever, and it will never be the same, so move on. The congress, the senate, and the president need to work together in January to pass legislation that better reflects today's America. Mail in voting laws, health care for all, term limits, and yes even increase the number of people on the Supreme Court to fifteen to take politics out of the court.

Starting today, the Democrats need to be talking in front of cameras, and microphones, all day, every day, about how the GOP are liars, untrustworthy, evil, and anything else they can come up with. And, it doesn't have to be true. They need the American people to start hearing another story about them, besides what the asswipe in the White House tweets out all day long.

If the Democrats ever want to gain control of the mess in Washington then they need to start playing like the GOP. Dirty, mean, bloodthirsty, and take no prisoners should be the new mantra coming from the Democratic caucus right now. Stop playing nice.

Politics is not fair.

Remember that and don't get mad, get even.

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