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Pushing Her Limits

It has been one week since Linda had her hip replacement surgery and she is doing awesome. Thank you, to all of you, that have reached out and wished her well, she appreciates every one of you taking the time to check-in. I'm thinking of getting her this cool shirt for her progress.

Many of you have asked to send pictures of her walking around, but she will not let me take a picture of her using the walker, so I I have selected this artist conception of what she looks like for you.

She's like a dead ringer for Linda.

We went to the surgeon on Friday so he could see how she was doing and he was blown away with her ability to get around. He said she was doing better than 75% of his patients after just four days. Then she asked if she still needed to use the walker.

"Uhm, yes. You are to use it until I tell you, you don't need it anymore."

She has stopped taking the heavy duty pain pills and is stepping herself down to eventually just needing Vicodin. That means with the twenty, left over, good stuff, we should be able to pay off the house once I get done selling it on the streets this week. (Just go to:

My only disappointment is that nobody ever asks me how I'm doing. I'm the one taking care of everyone. I'm the one with all the pressure. I'm the one under stress. Yet nobody ever says, "How are you doing Dan?" Kind of depressing.

I'm sure I'll survive. No I don't want your sympathy asking. It's too late.

We go back to see the surgeon next week and I'm thinking Linda is going to start putting the full court press on asking about when she can start driving again. That will be when things get exciting around here. If you think she is determined with her five miles a day of walking around the house, wait until she decides she needs to go to Home Goods for a new soap dispenser.

The bottom line is she is going to be back to 100% in short order, because that is how she is wired. If they tell her to do something five times a day, she does it fifteen times. We'll see how she continues to progress, but my money is on her.

I wanted to give her an incentive, so I told her I would race her yesterday. It didn't work out so well for me.

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