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Send In The Clowns

It is hard to imagine that there is anyone in America that is stunned by the clown car circus show the 118th edition of the House of Representatives is putting on this week. Anyone who hasn't had a drink from the Kool-Aid cup knew that this group, once they won control of the house, was going to eventually end up in two years of a cluster fuck. We only had to wait two hours to see it happen.

The lead clown, pictured above on the right, Kevin McCarthy (R) Disneyland, could not even gain control of his own party to get enough votes to elect him as the new Speaker of the House, a ceremonial tradition. For the first time in 100 years this simple process has gone to multiple ballots with no end in sight. He's had since November to gather the troops and he is losing votes with each new ballot. The minority leader is closer to winning than he is.

Here are three of the stooges involved in this mess, and it just goes to the type of people the Republicans keep electing. Jim Jordan, on the left, is the leader of the Freedom Caucus, a far right machine with about 20 members who are dedicated to stopping the government from doing any business. He has refused to cooperate in the investigation of the January 6th insurrection but now wants others to cooperate in his investigations. He is also accused of looking the other way when there was rampant sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State when he was a coach there.

Matt Gaetz, in the middle, is under multiple investigations for sex with a minor, to insurance fraud, to several other irregularities. He has no values and has no platform other than he has crawled up the Donald's' ass and wants to be on TV as much as possible. His goal is to make sure McCarthy never gets the Speakers job.

The final nut shown above with the blonde hair, is Marjorie Taylor-Greene who is dedicated to QAnon, Trump, and getting even with the Democrats for keeping her off any committees in her first term because she is nuts. She is a violent supporter of McCarthy because he has promised her she can do whatever she wants once he is speaker.

These are the quality people who are trying to take control of the Republican party and for some unknown reason the handful of Republicans who aren't crazy or stupid are doing nothing to stop them.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few months, this guy, Republican George Santos, was elected from Nassau County in New York, which includes Queens and Long Island. It turns out that he lied about his education, his religion, his address, his work history, and his sexuality, among many other lies. How none of this came to light until after he was elected is another story but the fact that not one Republican in leadership position in Washington has come out against him tells you everything you need to know about this party right now.

The GOP is perfectly happy to have a serial liar in the fold. For his first tweet sitting in the House chambers yesterday he tweeted out that he was sworn in as a Congressman and was excited to be a new member of the House. Only problem is that since there still isn't a Speaker there is no new House and nobody has been sworn in yet. The guy just can't stop lying, just like his political hero, agent orange.

While the country will be in a paralyzed state for the next two years because the GOP will not be able to govern and nothing will get done, we will be able to watch as the Democrats get their shit together and take back control of Washington for the foreseeable future in 2024.

I know there will always be dopes who will look the other way at the poor quality of people the GOP puts out there and vote for them because they have the magic (R) behind their names, but honestly after what we've seen the GOP become since the former liar in chief was elected do we really think this party will get another chance to be in charge?

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2 commentaires

Dan Marich
Dan Marich
04 janv. 2023

Thanks Bobbie


bobbie soeder
bobbie soeder
04 janv. 2023

Another "spot on" analysis/opinion on what's going on with The Republicans. They just can't get them "Right Enough". Even Kevin isn't "Right Enough". Eek.

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