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Today is Labor Day, and in celebration of all the hard working laborers out there, I am going to phone it in today and give you a quick update column, on a number of topics, that I can't figure out a whole column to write. I know. I'm a giver.

As many of you are aware, nobody knows angry Serbians like I do, I have a family of them. You can imagine the pride of having one of our own, Novak Djokovic, pictured above, as the number one men's singles tennis player in the world. You can also imagine our lack of surprise when he was ejected from the U.S. Open yesterday after he hit a line judge in the neck with a tennis ball in anger. Not at her, just in general. (Click/copy on the link here to see for yourself.)

Being angry, as a Serb, is one of the trademark traits you'll find in many of us. We are angry so often, that we've stopped even noticing when we are, and we just go on with our daily adventures like nothing even happened. Many times people, who don't know us, will ask us, why we are angry, and we will look at them, like they are nuts, and and loudly respond with a "what the hell are you talking about, you jag?"

He of course said all the right things afterwards, he's sorry, he'll use this as a learning experience, he hopes the nice lady will be OK, but he really doesn't mean it, and I'm sure he has already moved on with his life. He still went to dinner afterwards and the steak still tasted great. This is the second trademark trait of Serbians, explode and move on. Many of you might call it character flaws, we call it Monday.

The former Cubs pictured above, was so bad in right field that many of us actually feared for his safety on fly balls. His short stay on the Northside with the beloved, was so uneventful, that fans were excited to get a broken down righty by the name of Ernie Broglio when the Cubs traded him to the St. Louis Cardinals.

The guy pictured above, was immediately moved to left field by the Cardinals and ended up going to the Hall of Fame after breaking all stolen base marks, playoff batting averages, and leading off for one of the most dominant Cardinals clubs in their history.

Unfortunately, the great Lou Brock passed away yesterday at the age of 81. He will always be remembered in Chicago as the star of the worst trade in professional sports history, but in St. Louis, he will always be remembered as the final piece to the puzzle that produced three world series teams in five years. The Cards won two and lost one while he played for them. He had a .391 world series batting average and an OBP of .424.

It is always sad when a great athlete is at the end of his career. That time has come for Jon Lester. He is a shell of his former self, and even he realizes it. (Copy and paste below)

(Thanks to NBCSportsnet Chicago for the video.)

Going from, arguably, one of the greatest free agents signings for the Cubs of all time, to the ugly end of his career, is sad, but that is sports. The Cubs likely never win the world series without him. Not only for what he did on the field, but for taking a chance on team Theo that opened the eyes for others to do the same and join him in breaking a 108 year old curse. He may not make the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, but he will make the HOF in Chicago.

Right now the Cubs have 1.5 starters, and if they have dreams of making a run in the playoffs, they better find 2.5 more. The Cardinals have made them look weak, just like the White Sox did earlier, and they have no resemblance of a playoff team. They have about ten days to turn this around or they might be looking at another transition year this off season.

Bears fans got to hear the words all football fans want to hear from their head coach regarding the quarterback situation. "Neither guy really showed us anything so we will have Mitch start because we were worried if we didn't, his feelings might be hurt."

Can you smell the Super Bowl fans? Wait, that's not what the Super Bowl smells like? It's been so long I've forgotten I guess. You know what, it is going to be another long while still.

If the Bears couldn't find anybody to beat out this guy, then they need to seriously rethink their general manager and scouts situation, because almost anybody would be an improvement over Mitch. The guy knows his job is on the line and he still has an underwhelming camp. Seriously?!?!

At least my Sunday's will free once again this year.

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