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I will bet anyone, $2 American dollars, that this column is not even close to what you think it is about. I felt we all needed a brain break from all the things going on right now across the world, and here at home. Hopefully it will get you thinking too.

On one of his visits, before Covid and Nancy, our good friend, Kent, asked an interesting question of us as we were sitting at the bar on our patio. It was memorable because, one, we were still coherent at the time, and two, because it was a great question.

"If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could only have three foods, what would they be?" Kent asked.

Now, truth be told I can't remember what Linda or Kent said, mainly because I wasn't paying attention. For those that know me well, know, it is all about me, all the time. It seems like a simple question until you start to think about the possibilities, and ramifications, of your answer.

Remember, you only get three foods and you will have them, only, for your entire stay. This question also assumes that you will never run out of any of them, which is impossible of course, unless you are stuck on Fantasy Island and then it is not deserted. "Da plane, da plane"

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I came up with these three foods.

1. Chicken. This was the easiest choice for me because of the endless possibilities of meals you can make with chicken. It is a food you can use so many different ways, that you likely will not get tired of it. Roasted, fried, ground it up and make chili, grill it, make soup, and on and on. I can imagine scores of possibilities for this one and so it was my primary choice.

2. Eggs. Again, this food offers so many different options and uses that it seemed like a great choice. Fried, scrambled, and hard boiled, to name a couple of ways to eat it alone. You can also use it in cooking to make other things like bread, pasta, and cake. The fact that my first two choices are from the same food family doesn't worry me because they are completely different textures and tastes.

3. Watermelon. I know you are thinking, what?!?! There are plenty of ways to use this food too, but the reason I selected watermelon is because, I'm addicted to it. It was that simple of a reason. I have to limit my buying watermelon because when I do bring it home I tend to eat the entire thing in one day. It is a sickness, and habit, I can't break, and I make no excuses. If I'm stranded, watermelon is coming with me.

So there you have my three choices of food for the rest of my life stuck on an island. I might have picked potato as one, opening the door to vodka as a possibility. Or maybe beef, which has many options itself, but you can't make fried chicken with beef. Pork would have been another good choice for me as it offers almost as many options as chicken, and you get bacon. Hmmm? Maybe I need to rethink this.

Each of us will have different choices because we all have different taste buds, and favorites. During your afternoon break, take a few minutes and think about what you would pick if you had to choose. There are no wrong answers, unless you pick fish. Yuck.

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