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The Last Dance

Like many Americans, I have exhausted the entire line-up of tv shows to watch and absolutely draw the line at El Chavo del Ocho on Univision. If I can't find something besides that, then it's time to grab a book and turn the idiot box off.

So, like 6.6 million other people, I was excited to see a new, ten week, documentary premiering Sunday night on ESPN, titled The Last Dance, about one of the few bright spots, in an otherwise dreadful era, focusing on the biggest star of that time.

Much to my surprise, and disappointment, the boys in Bristol completely fooled me and instead of a much anticipated series about Donna Summer, it turns out they are showing a documentary about this guy.

Really? Is there anything possible that basketball fans don't already know about Michael Jordan? We know he was a slightly above average player on the court and a superstar playa off it. He got Nike to build him a shoe company, and then somehow got endorsements for underwear, sports drinks, batteries, and on and on.

He can't sing or act, so what's the big deal? A documentary about basketball, barf, or, a documentary about the number one Disco Diva of all time? No contest. Frankly once I found out what this was about I watched the American Pickers marathon.

I spent most of the Jordan years as a season ticket holder, in Los Angeles, for the Lakers, and their showtime team. It was said, by many a fan back then, that Jordan would likely be the first guy off the bench on that team. To say he got little press in LA would be an understatement. The first time I saw him in person, when the Bulls visited the Lakers, he did not have his best game, and most fans were underwhelmed.

I'm not a complete idiot, so I would now admit that he was certainly in the top three of all time basketball players. I could make a case that Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul Jabbar were slightly better, but as a non center, he was number one.

As a person, a slightly different story.

He was a spokesperson for Rayovac batteries when I worked there, and I can tell you he was impossible to work with and eventually we parted ways. Stories were whispered about his after games activities, and I was surprised to find out how he was protected by the Chicago press during his career. Outside of Chicago fans knew plenty.

Anyway, I'm not here to denigrate Jordan or the Bulls. There is no doubt winning a world title, six of seven years, and two, three peats, is special. I understand that the documentary has decided that Jerry Krause is the villain of this story, much like what the players made him out to be back in the day, and that is unfortunate. Krause actually did a very good job, but his ego got him in trouble with the fans, and the press, and that was it for him.

If you are a fan of the Bulls, you'll love this series. If you are starving for any new sports stuff, you'll love this series. If you were hoping for a series featuring the greatest Disco Diva, you'll hate this series. For you Summers fans, here is the title song that started the whole confusion.

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