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The Only Poll That Matters

There has been plenty of angst among engaged voters over the predicted results of this November's election between President Joe Biden and former idiot in chief the orange turd as he was referred to in court multiple times last week. Both sides are sure that they are headed for victory or defeat depending on which polls they see that given day.

Here is the thing. If we've learned anything over the past ten years it is that polls aren't worth using as toilet paper. People have gotten smarter with pollsters and routinely lie to them. What has been shown in the recent past is that fans of the orange turd lie the most because they either are embarrassed to tell anyone they might vote for this future felon or they have a hate for anything that reminds them of how much he has taught them to not trust the man. (For you fans of this loser, he is the man that he has taught you to hate yet you aren't getting it.)

Recently the NY Times released a poll that shows that 17% of those polled believe that Biden is responsible for the Supreme Court knocking down Roe v. Wade. Now the orange turd has been bragging that he is responsible, and he is, plus the judges that voted for it were all recent turd appointees. Biden had nothing to do with the new split on the court.

What makes this even more scary is that most of those polled that said this were under twenty-five years of age and didn't vote in the last election. Clearly these youngsters haven't learned yet how to use the internet to do some fact checking. I mean do they ever read anything? A long time poll analyst said that the younger generation has what he said was the belief that if it happened while Biden was President then it must be his fault because they are idiots and can't grasp how shit works.

Remember when polls said Hillary was going to trounce the turd? Remember when polls said the turd was going to trounce Biden? Polls are no longer a valid indicator of what will happen when you mark your X next to your choice in November. So much can change between now and then and while there is plenty of reason to be concerned on both sides people will ultimately make the right call when push comes to shove.

Many in the media will tell you that polls are only an indicator of how the people feel in that moment and to some extent that is true. Others will say it shows trending for likely outcomes but I don't think so anymore. Still others will say they don't mean a thing at this point and that I will agree with.

There are only a few states that hold the key to this years Presidential election, so what is happening nationally means nothing. Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada are where the decisions rest. Whomever wins those states will win the election.

Locally there is strong indications that Democrats could have a blue wave as people are concerned with women's right to choose what happens to their bodies and people concerned with other social issues that the GOP wants to eliminate. Many long time political watchers are quietly saying this could be a bad cycle for the GOP locally and statewide even if the turd manages to win the Presidential election.

I suck at predicting as any long time reader knows so I'm not going to make any today. I will say that there is more than a groundswell building for the country to get back to the way things used to be when both parties could work across the aisle with each other to actually get shit done in Washington and when radical rightwing ideologs weren't trying to take over how you think or what you can see locally. we'll see.

Until November 5th rolls around just relax and do your part by making sure people who support your views get registered and go vote and that you point out to the other side at every chance that they are stupid for their beliefs and that their shoes don't match their outfit. I mean for god's sakes don't they own a mirror?

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