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The Washington Blame Game

Another election has come and gone, and like it is after each one, the fools representing us in Washington DC, are on suicide watch today. This week it is the Democratic Party who is convinced itself that all is lost for the 2022, and 2024, elections, and they might as well all resign.

Just a few months ago, the last time we had an election that was going to set the tone for future elections, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, of California, beat back a recall effort to take him out of office, and the Republican Party was crying in the streets about what it all meant for their prospects in the coming national elections.

Yesterday the people of the great Commonwealth of Virginia decided to elect a Republican to become it's next Governor, and the entire Democratic Party is acting like they killed the party forever. This, of course has led to the favorite game in Washington, the daily gnashing of teeth, and the whispers of, "who's fault is it?

The early returns are in, and the overwhelming winner today is, President Joe Biden. Every Democrat within 2700 miles of Washington believes that Biden is dragging the party down. I get it. Clearly it is his fault that since 1980, whichever party was just voted into the White House, the other party was rewarded with the Governorships of Virginia and New Jersey. (BTW - The fact that NJ actually re-elected it's Democratic Governor should be considered a small victory for Biden)

It is, of course, his fault that two Senators refuse to go along with the two hundred and fifty other elected Democrats in the House and Senate and pass his expansive bill to get infrastructure, social issues, and jobs moving.

Certainly he is to blame for the country being unable to get out from under the attack of a worldwide pandemic because 30% of America refuses to get vaccinated, still, after we've lost over 700,000 of us to this virus.

And of course it is his fault that the other party has decided that it's role in Washington, and in the states, is to make sure that Democrats can't vote, get elected, nominate a cabinet, or get anything done.

I have said this before, Democrats could screw up a one car parade, and they continue to prove me correct.

This is not the fault of Joe Biden, or Jill Biden, or Kamala Harris. Yesterday was a blip on the screen, and unless the Democrats are determined to allow the asswipe that just lost the Presidency, to come back, they had better stop their petty bullshit, and start working together to get things done.

One year is a long time in politics, and a lot can happen, but the GOP is doing what it can to make America, Russia. Democrats need to pass legislation and continue to point out what the GOP is doing to hurt our country.

Stop blaming each other and look in the mirror.

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