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Time To Clean The Desk

Once again it is time to plow thru some of the half written blogs, almost ideas, and stupid things on my list, to make room for real ideas for future blogs. These aren't necessarily bad, just not complete enough for a whole column.

I keep hearing about the "Dark Web" and I'm not really sure what the hell it is. At first I thought it might be connected to the "Deep State", but I learned that it has nothing to do with that, I think.

Recently it has been discussed in relation to the rioters at the Capital, as in how they've been communicating with each other, and planning all this. Which then got me wondering, how people dumb enough to attack the Capital, and show their faces to all the police agencies, are smart enough to figure out how to find the Dark Web?

I don't know about you, but I still struggle getting to Google to look up basic stuff, forget about going down the rabbit hole of the Dark Web. Is there a class you can take, or a school you can attend, that teaches you how to find all these crazy places? How does Larry Loser in East Bumblefuck, Nebraska figure out how to find all this and I can't get scores from last nights hockey game on my computer?

I am extremely curious to find this Dark Web but scared that once I do I will have the FBI knocking on my door. Is there anything on the Dark Web that doesn't involve pedophilia, murder, bomb making, or human trafficking? If so, does anyone know how to get there, and can you share with me?

I'm talking with my long time friend, and occasional lover, Tom, the other day, and he mentions that he cannot get a song out of his head for two days now and it is driving him insane. I offer my condolences and mention that I've been going through the same thing the past week myself.

As we discussed this phenomenon, we realized that it happens more than you remember, and more importantly, it only happens to songs you hate. Personally, I'm more inclined to have Born Free running around in my brain, than I am hearing Green Grass and Hightides.

I wonder why that is? Many times I know it is a commercial on TV, or a song on the radio, that triggers the memory bank. It's like a 45 record skipping and playing a section over and over a million times. Usually, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of it until your brain focuses on something else.

The other night I watched a special on Tina Turner, and of course the last song I heard before going to sleep was, River Deep, Mountain High, so I woke up with that in my head for about a day and a half. At least it was a song I liked for a change.

There are so many weird things our brain does and we still don't know 95% of what it can do. Why can't we dig deeper into that kind of thing instead of singing Rubber Ducky over and over?

Speaking of watching a special, I watched a two hour, in depth, biopic on Linda Ronstadt the other night on AXS-TV. I have always been a casual fan, so I had no idea of how wide her musical range was, and how fabulous her voice was. I say was, because in the early 2010's she dropped out of sight for awhile and people wondered what happened to her.

It turns out she developed Parkinson's, and she can no longer sing all the notes she used to be able to sing. As a perfectionist she decided she would no longer sing in public. An incredibly sad story to be sure. What I never knew, until seeing this show, was the depth of her musical library.

I knew she started out singing with the Stone Poneys and then transitioned to her solo career. I was stunned to find out she also published albums in the country, jazz, big band, opera, Cajun, and Broadway styles. At the end of her career, she was full time into singing Mexican folk songs, just like her father used to sing to her as she was growing up.

Who knew she was Mexican?

If this special ever comes back on AXS, be sure to watch it. It is a fascinating look at a singer way more talented than you ever thought. Her voice, and range, was stunning.

I left Illinois, where they have more Governors in jail, than in the Hall of Fame, for California where recalling Governors appears to be the state sport. Currently, Gavin Newsome is gaining signatures on his recall ballot faster than he can get vaccines into arms of people. I'm unclear as to what he has done to deserve this, but I'm sure we will all find out soon enough. Only in California.

I am really happy for White Sox fans. For the first time since 2005 they have a legitimate chance of going to the World Series. Along with the San Diego Padres, these two teams will be fun to watch this season. Since the beloved up North will be mostly awful, it will be easier to enjoy their run on the South Side.

Thank you for indulging me as I cleaned up my blog to do list. I will be back at it, pissing off most of you, with some full columns soon enough.

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