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Too Organized?

For those of you out there that maybe don't know me as well as you would like, or maybe you know me better than you ever wanted to know me, this will give you a major insight to what I think about. It will likely give you the creeps, so be forewarned.

Ever since I had my surgery to insert stents a couple of years ago, I have been dutiful in getting things organized for Linda in, the more likely than not, case something happens to me, and I leave her happy and alone. She is sure she is going to go first, but it doesn't seem possible. However, if she does, then all this information will come in handy for the person we've asked to be our executor.

I have a folder labeled Emergency Info that has all that will be needed to help get our things organized. It has phone numbers, passwords, a great paper my brother did when our dad died with helpful hints of things to do when someone dies, and assorted other odds and ends to help.

This week I added a play list of songs that I would like to have played at my memorial service. They give those left behind a glimpse into what moves, er moved, me when I was healthier. Over the years I've kept track of songs that would give me goose bumps, or bring me to tears, and the other day I went thru the list and whittled it down to fourteen songs.

I imagine it will be a smallish service, only close friends and family, anyone who has read my blog, neighbors, the checkers and baggers from the grocery store, and assorted other hangers on. Tasteful of course, not garish like so many want today. (Please dress business casual if invited.)

There will be refreshments served. Of course it will be an open bar and Uber, and Lyft, will be there to drive everyone safely back to their homes. I would hope it would be a party with everyone celebrating the fun days, or celebrating my finally being gone. I'm good either way. Just enjoy yourselves, and please, remember to tip the waitstaff.

It was difficult to get the list down to a manageable number. As you can imagine, there have been a few songs written and published over the past 66+ years, so the list was pretty long. After thinking about, and reviewing the list, I reduced it to a much shorter list of 30. From there I was able to listen to each song, and put together my final list. Well, final for this week subject to new songs coming out before I die that may bump one or two.

I will say that it was a much more emotional process than I expected. I knew the songs hit a nerve to start with, but I was a bit overwhelmed with how much some of them affected me. I had to take about a 45 minute break and do some other chores before going back and finishing this project.

Emotions were stirred by remembering a family event, to memories of people gone, to friends, to how the movie or play they were from made me feel. I'm not sure that I want to share this list just yet, I want it to be a surprise. I will share with you the fourteen songs that didn't quite make it. In no particular order:

Mack the Knife, Purple Rain, I Got A Feeling, Basket Case, Always Remember Us This Way, Fur Elise, I'll Never Love Again, Torn, Hey Ya!, Star Baby, Centerfield, Lola, Wind Me Up, and Forever Young. All really good songs and worth looking up on You Tube and playing them.

Like I said earlier, this list could have been 500 songs easily. There are tons of songs I really liked over the years, that when all was said and done, didn't quite cut it. If you think you would have an easy time making your own list, good luck. When you start to remember songs it really gets insane.

I am a complete organization freak, I know it, and I have nothing to say in my defense. On the other hand I can't remember what I went into the kitchen for half the time, so I guess I'm only partially organized.

I'm sure many of you are looking at the cut list and thinking, "What the hell? I knew he was nuts."

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