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I've purposely avoided writing about this assholes legal issues because I know how upset many of you get when I do. With his latest indictment Thursday and the resulting unhinged response from him and his loyal followers I feel the time has come for me to chime in on this issue.

His misplaced anger at the Department of Justice, President Biden, the deep state, and anyone else he can think of shows just how stupid and irrational he has become. The very real threat of going to jail will do that to you for sure. He is like a cornered animal and is reaching out to hurt anyone in his way.

The problem is that there is only one person to blame for his problems and he sees him everyday when he looks in the mirror. His inability to stay on the right side of the law and then his compounding his problems by not being able to shut his big mouth is his doing and his doing alone. This is how arrogant and stupid he is and how many of you can't see this means that you must be as stupid as he is.

His minions are wildly defending him with one crazy excuse after another hoping that eventually they will find one to stick. There is no defending him. Currently the GOP is holding ridiculous hearings about the weaponizing of the justice department where they are trying to weaponize the justice department against the Biden family. Talk about insane. The very thing they are complaining about, they are doing themselves. Morons every one of them.

The fact that so many of you Republicans feel that this piece of shit deserves to have another chance to destroy our country makes me wonder what it that he has done for you that brings this misguided loyalty towards him. He only cares about himself. He only wants to reduce the burden for the top 1%. He is trying to eliminate the Constitution and our form of government piece by piece so that he can turn himself into Putin and other strongmen around the world.

He hates this country and everything it stands for and now he's turned a whole political party into his vision and millions of you morons into his foot soldiers. I've said this before, if you think he should be anywhere near the White House again then you are the stupidest fucking idiot on earth. And yes I mean it and no I am not sorry for saying it.

The judge at his latest arraignment gave him crystal clear instructions of how he was to act going forward and it took him 24 hours to ignore her warnings. He is now threatening to get anyone that comes after him. If the judicial system doesn't immediately throw this piece of shit in jail then all hell will break loose and we are going to have some real problems as a country.

Most of America is tired of his childishness. He has zero chance of winning the election against whomever the Democrats run against him. He is going to go to jail for his past crimes. Anyone who stands with him is going to be hurt in the process and this tyrant will be put down and his movement will be crushed once and for all.

I am going to tell you, today August 5, 2023, that when the votes are counted next November the Democrats will have swept the GOP away from local, county, state, and national office in a landslide like we've not seen in many years. All because Republicans followed the most corrupt and stupid President they ever had running their party.

Women are tired of what the GOP is trying to do to them. Kids are tired of the GOP subverting their education opportunities and dreams. Fair minded humans have had enough of the idiocy being presented by the GOP. And a gigantic majority of us do not want our country turned into Russia, or Argentina, or Turkey, or any other country where one guy tells us what the hell we can and can't do.

Wake up you blind followers of the Republican agenda. Most people want abortion to be an option. They want real history taught in schools. They want to have a say in how their city, county, state, and country are run, and don't want a cadre of far right extremist politicians to decide for them. They don't want the church interfering in our laws. And they really want Washington to stop wasting time on trying to stop a handful of idiots from destroying our country and to get back to the business of actually governing.

The conservative agenda is dead. The Republican party is dead. Blindly following a mentally unstable fool is dead. If you haven't yet figured that out then you are delusional and dumb and deserve to have your dreams crushed next November because this country is not going back to 1870.

I promised you I would never stop pointing out the fact that following this dope is dangerous by pointing out to you that if you think he is the answer then you are an idiot, stupid, and moronic. Same goes for you believing the GOP has the right agenda.

I can't be any clearer.

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