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Even the cable company is disgusted with this Bears team.

Knowing I had several things on the to do list, left by Linda while she is off to LA to visit friends and escape the desert for a few days, I set the DVR to record the Bears-Chargers game for viewing later. After completing all chores, I grabbed an adult beverage and plopped down to watch. 47 minutes into it the game, or just about the middle of Q2, it turned off and I was asked if I wanted to save it or delete it.

I'm not sure if it was a blessing or a curse. Luckily the NFL Network was showing highlights (?) all afternoon and I was able to get the gist of the action. One thing was crystal clear, however, and that is who is to blame for this mess called the Chicago Bears.

I know fans want to blame Mitch Trubisky, and he deserves some there is no doubt, others want to hold Matt Nagy responsible, and frankly he has turned into a head scratcher this year, and many of you are asking, is Khalil Mack still on the team?

For me, the one guy who is completely responsible for what is happening right now, is the GM, Ryan Pace. Who drafted the guys not producing? Who signed this head coach? Who traded away picks for a defensive stud that has largely disappeared after week one? Who released Robbie Gould because he didn't like him as a kicker?

Ryan Pace has been a complete flop as GM for the Bears so far. His "I'm smarter than everyone else" attitude, and his lack of visibility to answer questions on just what the hell he is doing, has grown old in a short time. It is time for the Bears to move on and bring in someone that actually has a plan to rescue this franchise.

The most significant error in judgement he has made is in the kicking game. Why would you release Robbie Gould, the all time leading kicker in the NFL, if only to show people how smart you think you are? I said this at the start of training camp, there are about seven million soccer players in the world, find ten of them and let them come in and kick some field goals and find one to sign. Hell, at this point I would aggressively go after Carli Lloyd, I mean, how bad could she be?

The Bears lost another massively huge game yesterday because the damn kicker can't do his job. Not only was the game ender crushing, but the chip shot he missed at the start was critical also. Lane Tech has a better kicker for crying out loud. Eddy Pineiro kicks like Nelson Eddie, and that's not a good thing.

The funniest man in the Northwest suburbs said after last week's loss to the Saints, that this team may not win another game this year. I told him to cheer up, things weren't that bad, but now I think he may have been right. With bad play calling, poor execution, and no kicking game, I just don't see a path to any more wins and the dream of playoff football is done.

What is going on in Lake Forest right now is completely unacceptable.

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