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We Need To Move On

According to the Washington Posts' Rosalind Helderman and Josh Dawsey, former president Donald Trump remains relentlessly focused on the false claim that the November election was stolen from him and is increasingly consumed with the notion that ballot reviews pushed by his supporters around the country could prove that he won, according to people familiar with his comments.

In Arizona, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, a Republican who defeated an incumbent Democrat in November, said he believed state GOP leaders knew that the claims of electoral fraud in the state are “facially laughable.”

Still, he said in an interview, “ordinary people, the ones who are showing up on a Wednesday night at a political meeting, I believe they really believe it. And that’s super sad.”

Once again, it is time to give you some facts about voter fraud.

* In 2020, Trumps own enabler, Attorney General William Barr, said: "There is no widespread voter fraud that would have changed to outcome of the election."

* Since 2000 there have been 491 reported cases of voter fraud via absentee ballots, for every election, in every state, in total. Think about how many total votes in that time have happened and the percentage is so small you can't calculate it.

* According to Loyola Law School, between 2000 and 2014, while looking for credible evidence of voter fraud, they found 31 examples out of billions of votes.

* A five year study by the George Bush Commission on voter fraud, found no evidence of organized voter fraud, anywhere.

* In the 2016 election, the Justice Department found 4 documented cases of illegal votes in 135 million votes nationwide.

The bottom line is that there has never been found, any evidence of an organized, widespread, campaign to rig an election. Ever in our country's history. None, no matter how many times the idiot above says there is, or has been.

As a country we are moving towards a dark hole of destruction to our democracy. Nearly seven in ten republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen from the goof above.


What the hell is wrong with you people? He has never told you the truth about anything, ever, in his life. Why would you believe this stupidity of all the crazy shit he has spouted? We can't get three people to come together on what day of the week it is and you actually believe that 75 million people figured out a way to rig an election? How crazy are you?

And by the way, if an orchestrated rigging took place, why would it not have included more winners for the democrats in the house and senate and state legislatures too? Do you think they were smart enough to steal the election from nuthead, but dumb enough not to give themselves a larger margin to pass legislation?

If we can't move past this, which is easy to prove that it is false, then how are we going to ever move forward on the tough issues? We are at a crossroads moment in our country's history. We can either continue down the road of democracy, as a beacon to the rest of the world that it can work, or we head down the road of tyranny, chaos, and civil war.

We've already survived one civil war, I don't think we can survive another.

The shame of it would be to lose everything this great country stands for over the lost election of a coward, cheater, liar, idiot, and clown.

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