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Where is the Line

For 244 years the United States of America has managed to remain united in spite of all attempts to subvert the foundation of what makes this country so great. Abidance to the rule of law, seperation of branches of the government, and a way of life founded on the belief in our Constitution as the bedrock of our democracy.

Until yesterday.

The future felon, currently living in the people's house, made it crystal clear that he intends to stay there no matter how the American people vote on November 3rd. He has determined, 41 days before the election, that unless he is re-elected, the voting was a scam and he will not accept the results.

You don't believe me?

We have never in our history had any election not transfer peacefully. Not for dog catcher in Toenail, TN, or Governor of Texas, nor President of the United States. Ever. Now we have the sitting President, stating clearly and unmistakably, he isn't sure that he will abide by that rule of law.

For four years now we have not heard one single peep of push back from any Republicans anywhere on any of the insane shit he has said. Not once. While most of the country has sat back, appalled at his behavior, but not in a position to do anything because he doesn't accept anything said that doesn't come from "his people", the Republican party, and Republican voters have kept their collective mouths shut.

In four years this maniac has destroyed the very core of our country, destroying all the people and agencies that we have that protect us and keep us safe. Why, because they are standing in his way of becoming the dictator he so loves around the world.

If you think this latest insanity of his is acceptable behavior, and do or say nothing against him, then you will be held accountable for destroying democracy and America. Where is your line in the sand to save our country? If this isn't it then shame on you.

If you vote to re-elect this complete clown and fool, then I am disgusted with you, and openly question your sanity and allegiance to our country. Open your eyes for once.

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