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While We Were Giving Thanks

It would be easy for you to have missed some things in the past couple of weeks as your attention was on the holidays, and making sure you had enough liquor on hand to handle the coming gatherings with your families. Let me recap what you have missed.

62% of the American people think Joe Biden is a failure as President. 58% of the American people think the GOP is filled with very bad people. 30% of the American people think what we need is a civil war to fix our problems. Proving once again that the American people have no idea what the hell we want, but we do know what we don't want.

Honestly, one third of us thinks another civil war is the solution? If you ever wonder why our politicians can't reach a compromise, here is your answer. Until this idiotic mentality is erased, we will continue to have the same old issues here. There can't be compromise until both sides agree to work for the best interest of everyone.

As long as people like Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Lauren Boebert fan the flames of partisanship, and hate, in order to make themselves feel more important than they actually are, we are going to continue to have nothing being done in Washington.

They are not alone. There is enough support in Washington, and state houses across the country, to force the slowdown of actual governing being done. If you stop the other guy from passing bills you can try to run out the clock on their control while you regain power yourself.

This is the current strategy of the GOP, along with voter suppression, to make sure the Democrats can't put in place laws that actually help people while hurting the GOP. It is an evil plan, and one they seem to have taken to heart in the past twenty or so years.

Many of the red states above, are working hard, to make it harder, for people of color, and people that are poor, to vote. At the same time they have changed, or are in the process of changing, their laws to make it easier for their party to actually overturn the will of the people if they don't like the results.

Just think about this for a second. Our country's foundation is built on the principle of the people get to decide who governs them. This is what has separated us from the rest of the world for hundreds of years. Now the GOP wants to change that, so that they alone can decide what we want. And nobody seems to be standing up to them to stop it. Wake up America!

They have become so emboldened that they are now defying Congressional subpoena's as Congress investigates what the hell happened, and who caused it to happen, on January 6th, when apparent Trump acolytes stormed the Capitol and tried to kill anyone who was not trying to keep Trump in office. It was only a few years ago that this would have been unthinkable of any US citizen to defy Congress.

The former Idiot in Chief, when asked if he was concerned for Mike Pence, and his safety on January 6th, said, "It was just common sense that people wanted to hang Mike Pence." Of course it was. I mean how dare Pence, and Congress, not go against the Constitution and keep him in office. Screw the law of the land if it doesn't fit his needs.

There are still millions of people that think it would be great if this asswipe got another chance to destroy the country. I guess stupid people want stupid people to lead them. Here is the scary thing, he's not even the nuttiest one in his inner circle.

This felon, disgraced, and former, National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, recently said that the United States should only have one religion because "one nation under God means there is only one legitimate religion". Proving that Trumplicans absolutely understand what America stands for. Their way or the highway.

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