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Who Is Not Getting Vaccinated?

I'm getting tired of reading, and hearing, about the lack of progress in getting the United States up to 80% vaccination coverage. There is just no sane reason to not get yourself vaccinated at this point. There is nothing that will cause any issues to make you wonder if you should wait, or even worse, not get one at all.

I know Johnson & Johnson had a hiccup a few weeks ago, but the chance of anything happening to you is gigantically less than you getting hit by lightening. First, half of us would not wear a mask, or stay at home, and that led to over a year of lockdowns for everyone. Now half of us have decided that because someone, who had no freaking clue about what they are talking about, said the vaccine was dangerous and now we have a slew of people refusing to get vaccinated.

Just like wearing a mask, this is not about you. This is about enough of us getting vaccinated so that we can safely get back to normal here. So stop being a selfish jagbag and go get your vaccine shot immediately, there are plenty available, and they can be gotten almost everywhere.

Here is a map, broken down by Republican and Democratic states, showing the percentage of those fully vaccinated and those with at least one shot. I did this because I was wondering if your politics had anything to do with not getting a shot. The short answer is not really. It is more about selfish and not selfish. Connecticut, Maine, and New Mexico are doing the best job of fully vaccinating their people, while New Hampshire and Massachusetts are leading the way in people with at least one shot.

As you can see by the chart above Democratic states are slightly above the US average, while Republican states are slightly below, but the numbers are so small that it is basically a wash. The bottom line is that no state is doing well enough to get a gold star right now. We need to get fannies into a chair and needles into their arms.

Now we are running into two new issues. First, the new variants are starting to surge as people are not getting their shots, and, secondly, they are surging because many of you have decided that you've had enough and are skipping about not wearing masks or staying six feet away from others. It's like we have a country of third graders who just cannot do what the hell they are supposed to do so the rest of us get to suffer because of them.

In most cases I would be in favor of letting them get sick and die, but the unfortunate fact is we need these dopes to get their shots to protect all of us. I am in favor of going door to door, grabbing them, and giving them a shot while handcuffed. As you can see, I'm a solutions guy.

Raise your hand if you are ready to get your life back. I know I am and I know most of you are also. We need to stop letting half the population take away our ability to be out and about freely anymore. If you know someone who is refusing to get their shot, take the time to explain to them how important it is that they go and get it immediately. You may have to talk to them like they are seven years old, and spanking them is not off the table, but this needs to start getting sped up.

I've come up with a new ad campaign for the government to use, free of charge.


Catchy and to the point.

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