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Whoa, Not So Fast There

Once again the Republicans in the Senate have filibustered another voting rights bill, this time it was the For The People Act. Apparently the Republican party does not believe everyone has the right to vote. They would like to take us back to pre 1800 when you only could vote if you owned land.

(By the way - North Carolina is the last state to remove landownership as a condition to vote in 1856, but you still had to be a white man. Finally, in 1920 women are given the right to vote.)

This is who the Republican believe should be allowed to vote.

Anybody who looks like these people, (above), are acceptable. In fact they are preferable.

If you look like these people, (above), Republicans would like for you to not even bother going out to vote. In fact they are working over time to make sure that they make it so hard for you to vote that you will stay home.

Here is what Republicans do not want.

Early voting, mail in voting, expanded voter registration, election integrity, election security, reduced political spending for elections, independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions, a ban on foreign nationals contributing to a campaign, truth in advertising for campaigns, and other transparent election laws.

All of the above represent everything Republicans hate about elections. The more of the above that creeps into elections, the harder it is for Republicans to get elected, and that my friends is the bottom line here.

All of this bullshit being spewed by Republicans about getting a handle on voter fraud is just that, bullshit. They know that the easier it is to vote by mail, or vote early, the less their chances are of winning.

When they see more of this, they know they are cooked.

So, if you agree with their position of, less is more, than you might be a Republican. However, if you believe that the more people that vote, the better represented we all are, then you might just be a Democrat.

Call, write, email, text, your Senator, or Congressperson, and tell them to stop screwing around and pass an election bill that give us all the right, and ease, to vote.

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