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Why Am I Here?

To be clear, I don't mean to ask the question in the biblical or scientific or theoretical sense as to "why am I here." I wanted to explain why I am now writing exclusively for In My Opinion and not for my previous outlet.

I wanted to be able to have editorial freedom on content, tone, and whatever I wanted to say.

I will always appreciate the opportunity gave me these past thirteen months to not only write about my favorite team, but more importantly, open my eyes to the fact that I love writing and had really missed doing it regularly.

My plan here is to continue to send out stories regarding the trials and tribulations of our beloved Cubs as the mood/anger/insanity hits me. I may occasionally write about other things going on in our world that get my attention. I will also have stories later this fall about the Bears, Blackhawks, and Northwestern football.

You may even see some posts from others who want a platform to express their ideas or thoughts on a particular subject. Maybe that will be you? Please feel free to share any ideas with me or submit a post for yourself.

I will be taking the next few days to learn how to actually use this new toy. Most of you who know me know, I am not exactly computer friendly. As I often say, if I can't hook my eight track to it is of little value to me. I used to have two high school aged kids next door who could help me when I had an issue, now we are in a 55+ community and I'm the expert. That should scare you.

If by Friday you check back and the site is no longer up and running you can correctly assume that I did something that I absolutely should not have done and crashed the whole thing. Fingers crossed I figure this out.

Thank you all for your support and kind words this past year as my new writing career started up. I hope you like what you see here going forward and if not let me know. Like always I'll pretend to listen and then go back to doing what I want.

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Good for you Dan. I always enjoy reading what you have to say! Thank you.

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