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Why Are Democrats So Stupid?

For some time now my frustration with the leadership, if you want to call it that, of the Democratic Party has been growing. I have said many time before that Democrats could screw up a one car parade and they continue to prove me right.

Democrats continue to be splintered on so many issues that they can't see the fact that they are losing voters left and right and center. They're so preoccupied with trying to pass laws in a reasonable bipartisan process that nothing is getting done.

Republicans meanwhile are focused on one thing, the destruction of the Democratic Party. They are hellbent on eliminating the two party system and installing an autocratic governing system in the United States. And nothing will stand in their way.

If they lose these midterm elections and lose control of congress it might be the end of the Democratic Party forever. As a country we will be thrust back into the 1800's with rich white men controlling every aspect of our life.

Abortions are going to be banned. Voter rights are going away. The top 1% income earners will continue to see their taxes lowered while the rest of us pay more and more. Businesses will have nobody keeping them in check and pollution and poorly made products will grow. We will walk away from our world alliances and move to an America only world view.

This is the foundation of the Republican Party and it is their stated goal. They don't care about anything but lining their pockets and taking care of their big money donors. If the Latino, black, and uneducated white community thinks that the GOP is going to work for them then they are just as stupid as the Democrats.

The Democrats have never learned how to, nor have they ever grown any balls to, fight the GOP like the GOP is fighting them. It is sad to watch the big bad bully continuously kick sand in their faces while they stand there and take it from them.

Things have gone so far down the rabbit hole I'm not sure it is savable. I expect to see more decline in compassion once the Republicans take full control, more loss of basic rights, more far right laws being passed, until finally a few of us have had enough and we stand up, take arms, and start a civil war.

Then we all lose.

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