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By now I'm sure that you've all heard the news that while the UN Security Council was meeting in New York last night Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine. This insane act of aggression against a free and democratic nation has been forecasted by many for weeks now.

Putin is determined to put the Soviet Union back together because in his demented mind he feels it was unjustly destroyed thirty years ago. He has come up with a number of made up reasons why he is now marching on this sovereign country.

News media on the ground, in Eastern Ukraine, where Putin says the Russian speaking people are begging him to save them from the abuse and torture that the government in Kyiv are inflicting on them, tell the reporters that in fact they have, and are, being treated no different than the Ukraine speaking population.

This is the Russian playbook created by Putin. He decides what he wants, makes up crazy stories about the country or region, and then creates a fake story as pretense to invade. He has done it here just like he did in Crimea and other places since he took power.

Here is what scares me this time. What were these two nuts discussing all those times alone? We already know the former idiot in chief can't keep his fat mouth shut so what exactly did he share with Putin, to prove how much he loves him, that were details about how much the USA and NATO would do to stop him?

Did he share with him NATO's ability, or willingness, to put boots on the ground? Did he share with him what the likely US response would be, with or without him as President? Did he share with him vulnerabilities in our defense system? We just don't know because he wouldn't let any other American in the room with him and Putin.

Sanctions are not going to stop the killing of innocent civilians or the assassination attempts on the leaders of Ukraine. Putin is determined to regain control of Ukraine and he will not be stopped, even if World War III breaks out. If he didn't think he had the upper hand in this he would have never done it, so he is not going to pull back.

While I don't know anyone personally in Ukraine, it is my families home land. My dad's father and mother, my grandfather and grandmother, were born in the Ukraine. I am 50% Ukrainian. I am 100% in favor of free nations not being invaded because some crazy person gets a wild hair up his ass.

If the world does not stop Putin, right here and right now, this will not be his last move. He will move on Poland, Lithuania, and other countries that he feels need to be brought back into the former USSR fold. There needs to be swift and strong action taken by the world community, today, to let Putin know he is in a battle he cannot win.

If nothing is done we could be looking at a repeat of past World Wars that nearly destroyed the world. He has reminded the world in his speech this morning that Russia has nuclear weapons. He is crazy enough to use them.

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