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A California Pastime

For the fourth time in the history of California, an effort is underway to recall the governor. Gavin Newsom is the target in this version, and it appears that those intent on removing him have garnered enough signatures to begin the process. The state is currently certifying the signatures to make sure that 1.5 million of my fellow Californians are so angered with him that they just cannot wait two years to vote him out.

So what horrible things has he done to generate this bloodlust to remove him from office? Has he lied over 36,000 times? No. Has he tried to overthrow the government? No. Has he aligned himself with white supremacist's? No. Has he conspired with foreign governments to get himself elected? No. Did he piss on the Constitution? No. Oh, that's right, all those things are perfectly acceptable in today's America. He wouldn't be in trouble for any of those things.

According to an op-ed in today's USA Today, he is guilty of, allowing homeless people in San Francisco while mayor, along with letting random visitors to the city litter and make the streets dirty.

As governor he is guilty of causing the DMV to be slow in scheduling a specialty appointment for license renewal to the op-ed writer. As everyone knows the DMV has always been a well oiled machine and is completely in tune with the needs of the people and not their own schedule.

Another of Newsom's offenses is that California has wildfires. Clearly the governor is at fault for some nut throwing a lit match on a field, and families having exploding baby gender reveals, that start trees on fire. How dare he allow this to happen.

His response to the Covid crisis is what has finally set off the masses to remove him from office. Naturally it is his fault that tens of thousands of young people decided that they are done with staying inside and feel it is their right to infect people by going mask less to the beach, which he closed, and demanding that bars and restaurants reopen so that they can socialize in large numbers when and where they want.

Parents are pissed that he is demanding that for schools to reopen it must be safe, for not only the children, but the teachers too. The nerve of him. Businesses want all businesses to be open and free to let people in without masks. Churches sued, and won a Supreme Court decision, to allow congregations back inside where they can infect each other to Gods will.

Apparently these recall groups have had just about enough of a governor making sure we are safe, and doing what he can to limit the spread of the virus in the state. They are tired of having to wear a mask, and having to stay home, and to not being be able to sit down and have a nice dinner inside of Wendy's.

Look, I don't agree with everything he wants to do, and I know he has never met a camera he doesn't like, but what he is being recalled for are things beyond his control for the most part. There will be an election in two years, and if you are so disgusted with him that you want him out, then you can vote for one of the 83 other people who are likely to be on the ballot.

This recall nonsense is a waste of time and money.

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