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A Country Divided

It's been a while since we spoke last. I have a lot of things going on right now that are distracting me from writing this more often so I'm sorry but sometimes life gets in the way. I have also been not wanting to sit down and write things here because I didn't to do it while I was angry. I know, it doesn't sound like me at all. There are so many things that bother me that I was getting frustrated with how do I put my feelings down in writing when there is so much to say.

I always knew deep in my heart what the problem was but I didn't want to think it because it is too disturbing for me to admit. This morning I finally had a revelation as to how I could wrap all my feelings and thoughts into an easy to understand package. It is now pretty clear to me that there is one answer as to why we are so divided. The country has moved into an us versus them mentality on every single issue facing our nation.

There has always been two sides, at least, on issues. The difference today is that there is no change in people from one side to another on different issues. What do I mean by this? In the past there was one faction that believed that we needed less government while another side thought the government needed to get more involved in things. However on an issue like, space exploration for example, the people for and against more exploration might have been a mix of people on either side of the government issue. In effect, some for more government might have been against more exploration and vice versa. While we were divided on one issue many people changed sides on the other issue which meant there was hope that we could come to some agreement on other issues because we had some common ground.

Today we have lost that commonality with the other side. The people who are on one side of an issue tend to be the same people who are on the same side with other issues. Nobody is moving around like they used to and this is what has led us to our breaking point. We have nothing in common to talk about with the other side anymore.

Obviously there are some people that don't fit this conclusion as exceptions always exist. However, I have come to realize that those that are pro Trump tend to also be anti trans, anti LGBTQ+, anti abortion, in favor of tougher voting rules, and not opposed to moving towards a more autocratic, racist, anti democratic and anti Constitutional country. Again, there are always some exceptions.

On the other side we have people who hate Trump, are pro choice, in favor of more LGBTQ+ and trans rights, believe the January 6th debacle was an attempted coup and the worst day in our country's history, are convinced the GOP is out to eliminate the Constitution, and think the far right Christian Nationalist movement is a cover for the white people only in America faction. Also, there are always some exceptions here too.

I just do not see that many people who are "conservatives" standing shoulder to shoulder with the let's make it easier to vote brigade. Conversely I don't see many "liberals" holding signs demanding that any book that teaches the USA was a slave nation be banned from the classrooms.

One of the lost beauties of our country was how the two parties in Washington used to reach across the aisle and work out deals to keep the country moving and to make life better for us all. That all went out the window with the Reagan administration and was blown up by Trump. Today it is all our way or the highway and therefore nothing is getting done. Now, I may come down on the side that says the GOP is mostly to blame because they have walked away from their core values in the past ten years and are now in a place that nobody can recognize. The other side will tell you that the Democrats have moved so far left that they don't represent the values of America any longer.

My position is that the right has moved so far right that the left looks to be even more left than before when in truth they haven't really moved much at all. But the real issue is that nobody is changing sides on some issues like they did in the past and we can't even have a civil conversation today. Additionally, and I mean this will no due respect at all, the far right MAGA GOP running this party today is so out of touch with reality that there is just no talking to them on anything. If they can't see that their defacto leader is the most dangerous human on earth after what he has been saying for the last few months then there is just no hope of them ever returning to earth one and rejoining society. And if you agree with them then you are as crazy as they are.

I have said for a few years now that the country was destined for a new civil war and many of you pooh-pooed that idea. I have changed my position on this but the news is not good. I believe that we are in the middle of the new civil war. I just didn't recognize it because I was looking for a violent clash when in fact it is a digging in of beliefs that has started the war.

Each side today is stubbornly committed to their positions and are not willing to budge one iota. Until the time comes that both sides are willing to at least accept the other sides beliefs in a way that will open the doors to rational and positive discussion on things we are going to be in for a long bitter dangerous slog.

You may disagree with the other side but there is no reason that you have to have them killed because of how they feel. We all have the right to believe what we believe however none of us has the right to take the country down over our wants. We have to at least return to a rule of law nation and agree that the Constitution is the foundation of our democracy. More importantly we have to agree that our nation will never be ruled by a dictator and anyone who advocates for that needs to be put down, by both sides immediately, and shown to be the destructive force they want to be.

This civil war is in our hands to make it short or dangerously long. We can start the healing by voting out those that are trying to tear us apart and voting in people who are interested in returning our country to a republic once again. This does not include anyone who thinks any of us should be kept down or held in contempt.

The Constitution says it all in the first sentence. "We the people", not me the dictator.

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