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A Country Divided (Not What You Think)

As the presidential campaigns ramp up, now that we've passed Labor Day, I know that we are a nation divided on many issues. You are either pro Trump, or anti Trump. Pro life, or pro choice. For the Cubs, or for the White Sox. Beer or wine. There are way too many issues to list them all here.

There is one conflict ongoing, in America, that has me baffled, and it has for many years. It may be the single biggest issue facing our country and we've not made one inch of progress in ten years. It has divided families, marriages, friendships, and is rarely talked about by everyone.

Gas or Electric?

That's right friends, it is the single biggest mind blowing clash we have and we do nothing about it. I come down on the side of gas myself. It is the easiest to cook with since you can control the temperature much finer than with electric. When it is on, you can see that it is on, and you don't burn yourself by accidently by touching the cooking surface while it is nuclear hot.

They can be massive, like this five burner beauty, and you can use all five burners, even if you don't need to. The show is called man, fire, food for a reason. I have never heard anyone say, "now we're cooking with electric!" Why anyone prefers to use an electric stove is beyond me and always has been.

I can already hear the bleeding heart electric's out there crying about how much cleaner it is to cook with electric. Well not really, how do you think they generate all that electricity? With black sky filling coal.

Sure they look pretty, and you can clean them easily I suppose, but can you adjust the heat by one degree on them like you can with gas? No.

Yes, I know the new induction ranges are much more advanced and flexible, but you have to go out and buy all new cookware, your current pots and pans don't work on them. Who designed these things, Calphalon?

Many of you parents, and grandparents, are yelling at me right now about how much safer it is for your little ones. Guess what, if they touch the flame once they are not going to do it ever again. I know from personal experience. My mom stood right there and let me stick my finger in the flame, and when I burned myself, you know what she told me? "I told you not to touch it." Life lessons my friend, life lessons.

Here is the thing that blows me away. Electric outsells gas by 28% consistently every year.

(Statistics provided by STATISTA)

What is wrong with you America? Why would you continue to purchase an inferior product? Just because it is what you always used as a kid, doesn't mean you have to still use it when you grew up. I'm fairly certain you've taken the training wheels off your bike by now haven't you?

Who am I to judge what you cook with? Actually, I am absolutely going to judge you based on your cooking preferences. Have you not read anything I've written this past year? I judge you on what gum you chew for god's sake. I will still like you, and remain your friend, but I probably be slightly conceited knowing, in my mind, I'm a better person than you for using gas.


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