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A New #1 - Florida

For you regular readers, you'll remember that back in January we named the craziest state so far, and our friends in the great state of Arizona won in a landslide. now many have called it a fake election and I'm here to tell you that of course it was because there was only one voter and that was me. Well, good news. We have a new number one crazy state.

Our family and friends down in the semi great state of Florida are celebrating this victory. It was another nail biter between Florida, Arizona, which continues to be a nut factory, Mississippi, and Texas as our top four leaders. Let's see how they earned this title.

Anytime you have a leader like Florida's Governor Snowflake you are always going to be in the top three. I could write a whole column just on this goof. He has taken over the lying lead from the former idiot in chief. Nearly every time he opens his mouth he lies. If you question him on his lies, he goes ballistic and storms away to go home and cry in private. If he can't handle the questions from the Florida press, on his day to day running of the state, wait until he gets a load of the national press and their digging for answers. He'll be a puddle in a week.

He has decided that every public school and college in Florida needs to be scrubbed from head to toe to get rid of the "wokeness" permeating the hallways. He is a leader in anti LGBTQ+ laws and executive actions, and he has decided that if you are a blogger, like yours truly, and you write anything about him, like yours truly, you must register with the state so that he can control what you write about him. Come get me Snowflake.

The other day he called accusations his administration banned books, a "hoax." Where have we heard that phrase before? He said, "A lot of what's been going on is an attempt to create a political narrative. And it's a false narrative. That's bad enough as it is, I guess, but for me, the important thing is, that's a false narrative in service of using our schools for indoctrination rather than education." He then proceeded to defend the removal of books from public schools and libraries for including graphic sexual imagery and for using the terms 'LGBTQ' and 'trans'. He denied libraries shelves were empty in many areas, even though television video clearly shows they are, because he said the books were removed so that his people could review them and then the ones the deem are acceptable will be put back. But he's not banning books.

This guy wants to be President. Can you imagine this moron as President? Oh, wait, haven't we already been down this road?

Next up is this guy. Florida Pastor Eddy Noelsaint of the Eglise Evangelique De La Restauration Church in Osceola County. The fine Pastor Eddy was performing a 'spiritual revival' on a female member of the church. This was a religious norm for the lady who is from Haiti and it is a regular practice in her church there.

The pastor gave her some tea to drink to help her relax. He also suggested that some pills would help her through the process and handed her a few. Turns out they were narcotics, go figure, and once she was incapacitated his spiritual revival included sexually battering her.

Wait, he wasn't done. A few months later he agreed to help her find an apartment and arranged for her to meet him and a third person to help in the search. Amazingly the third person had a previous engagement and couldn't make it so the pastor ushered her into a vacant apartment and proceeded to violently sexually batter her again. Surprisingly when police questioned him he was evasive in his answers.

Finally, the other night, a teenage girl in Cape Coral was sleeping when she suddenly woke up as a naked man slid into her bed and proceeded to fall asleep. He was identified as one half of a couple renting a room in the family home. The girl went to tell her father who then did what every Republican cheered him for. He grabbed his gun and went looking for the naked man. The guy realized he was in the wrong room and returned to his correct room whereupon the father started shooting at him through the door.

The police were called and everyone agreed on what had transpired. The teenage girls said nothing happened to her, the naked man said he was sorry, and the father said he did in fact fire four shots into the room. That is when the police arrested him and charged him with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

I guess this is the wokeness Governor Snowflake is trying to eliminate in Florida.

Thank you Florida for your fine work in being the craziest state in the country for this month.

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