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Absolutely Inconceivable

Yes, I am once again writing about the Covid 19 virus and our collective efforts to keep this raging across the country. But before I get into my lecture, here are the facts on this killer.

So far we have lost 635,636 Americans to this virus.

Nearly every death since the country started vaccinating people was preventable. If you got either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine you are 99% safe from dying from this virus. If you got the one shot Johnson & Johnson shot you are about 93% safe from dying.

If you refuse to get a shot, you are 98% assured of getting the virus, and nearly 80% assured of dying from it, if you get it. The mystery is, why are people not getting the vaccine? There are only two reason to not get your vaccine shot.

  1. You have a medical condition that can be exasperated by the vaccine. Doctors say that it is extremely unlikely that it could cause a problem but I will, for now, give those people a pass.

  2. You are criminally irresponsible, selfish, and part of the dumbest, most moronic, group of people on earth right now.

If you are part of the second group then I have some bad news for you. Your fellow Americans have had it with your childish behavior. You claim it is your right to not get vaccinated or wear a mask. Guess what? It isn't when your actions effect the lives of others. Think of it as being the same thing a yelling "fire" in a crowded auditorium and people die trying to get out.

Right now, in the state of Mississippi, hospitals are turning away patients who are having a heart attack or stroke because there isn't room for them in the ICU's. Why? Their beds are full of asswipes who refused to get vaccinated and are now fighting for their lives from Covid. If they had gotten a shot they wouldn't be there and another life could be saved.

Today, there are three major hot spots in the US fighting the Delta Variant, with little success. Florida, particularly, South Florida is being ravaged; Texas, around the Houston to Austin section is having issues; Mississippi statewide is a mess right now.

If you were unclear about how we have two different worlds we live in right now, then read the following from the political leaders, and the health professionals.

Let's start in Texas where Republican Governor Gregg Abbott is killing his people with his crazy rules. According to Patrick Svitek of The Texas Tribune:

Gov. Greg Abbott has been unwavering lately in his refusal to implement statewide safety precautions to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But as cases and hospitalizations are reaching heights not seen since February, Abbott’s pandemic playbook in recent weeks has largely focused on blocking local mandates and committing to protecting the rights of the unvaccinated.

Abbott recently declared Texas is “past the time of government mandates.” And he unveiled a second special session agenda Thursday that includes ensuring kids can return to school in person this fall if they want to, without any mask or vaccine requirements — a move that came after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s updated guidance that recommends “universal indoor masking by all students.”

Not surprising that this same guy is blaming the virus on immigrants at his Southern border bringing it in with them. Of course there is absolutely no proof of that, but still he is adamant that is the main issue.

Meanwhile, in the same article, health officials have this take on the Texas situation.

“I think it’s pretty clear in the data that Texas is in the middle — or beginning, depending on how you look at it — of a really major pandemic surge, and not just in case counts but particularly in looking at health care needs across the state,” said Spencer Fox, associate director of the COVID-19 Modeling Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin. “Many regions are now facing numbers that we haven’t seen since the winter.”

Fox attributed the rising numbers to the state’s “lagging” vaccination rate of 44% — toward the back of the pack nationally — and Texans returning to their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

Somebody is wrong here, I wonder who it could possibly be? So let's move on to the next clown car response to this pandemic, Florida and Republican Governor Ron Desantis. According to CBS 4 Miami reporter Ted Scouten the Governor said this.

This comes after DeSantis banned all school districts in the state from imposing mask mandates saying he wants to let parents to decide whether children wear masks in schools. His Executive Order also empowers the state to deny funding to any districts that don’t comply.

The governor also touted hospitalizations being lower than they were last summer, but acknowledged they’ve been going up, and he’s watching emergency room visits.

“We follow that very closely. It went up sharply during most of July, towards the end of last month, it started to stabilize. We’ve basically been plateau, so we’re looking to see that roll over, and when that rolls over, I think you’re doing to see some of the other indicators roll over as well.”

Guess what the health care professional had to say?

At Baptist Health, they had a COVID high last July of 831. Right now, there are 736, that’s up 100% from 2 weeks ago.

Dr. Aharon Sareli is the Chief of Critical Care at Memorial Healthcare System. He’s says this could be the biggest surge yet.

“We’re definitely seeing a massive surge of COVID patients. This is the largest surge we’ve seen in Florida,” Dr. Sareli said.

He said Memorial Healthcare System had a COVID high in July of 2020 of 673, now there are 525 COVID patients, up from 300 two weeks ago. And the patients are getting younger, some in their 20’s.

“We’re seeing some of those patients deteriorating and becoming critically ill and into our intensive care unit. Unfortunately. we’re seeing some of those young patients dying in our ICU’s,” he said.

Maybe the Governor doesn't care, or pay attention, to anyplace south of Tallahassee.

Finally, we come to ground zero for the latest surge in the Delta Variant, Mississippi. According to Will Stribling of the Mississippi Today, Republican Governor Tate Reeves believes this is what is going on in his state.

Reeves claimed that Mississippi’s total number of hospitalizations “remain below where they were at our peak from August of 2020.” This is false. In August 2020, COVID-related hospitalizations peaked at 978. As of Tuesday, that number was 1,378.

Reeves also claimed that Mississippi’s total number of patients in ICU beds remains “at or near our peak levels from August of 2020.” This is also false. In August, the number of COVID patients in ICU beds peaked at 337. As of Tuesday, that number was 388.

Health care officials are sounding the alarms.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is so overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients during the state’s worst wave of cases that it is constructing a field hospital in a parking garage to increase capacity.

The state’s largest medical center, completely out of staffed intensive care unit beds, is just one of the many medical facilities across the state on the verge of collapse as the delta variant causes a level of need the state’s healthcare workers cannot meet.

Remember this is the state that has told EMS to not bring heart attack, or stroke, patients to any of the hospitals because they have no room for them.

How do we the vaccinated take charge of this mess? What can we do to put pressure on these Republican led states to get things under control before we are forced to live the rest of our lives wearing masks?

Unbelievably, I have ideas. I know, go figure.

  1. We need to stand up and scream, "enough is enough". All you anti-vaxers, grow the hell up.

  2. You have two choices in life, Get vaccinated, or, stay home. No vaccine, no going outside for any reason.

  3. If you refuse to get vaccinated you must register with your county and be put on a "no vaccine" list which will be made public with your address, just like sex offenders.

  4. Any state that mandates no masks, or passes a no vaccine needed law loses all federal funding and the entire state population goes on a travel restriction list.

  5. If any business wants to be open to the public, or have workers back into their offices, then all employees must get vaccinated.

  6. Same for schools. No vaccine, no attendance.

  7. Everyone in public needs to wear a mask for the time being until further notice.

  8. If you refuse to wear a mask in public then you go directly to jail without passing go.

  9. Any federal, state, or local politician, or leader, who openly promotes no masking or no vaccinations, get arrested and spends at least two weeks in a maximum security prison in the general population. This includes anyone in the media also.

  10. For each week that any state remains below 70% vaccination rate, for the entire population, each person, and business, will have their income taxes increased for the year by 2%. (Two weeks = 4%; Four weeks = 8%; etc.)

It is time we take back our lives and force the people who refuse to play along, to pay a price for their actions.

Hate me all you want, I don't care.

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